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Sunday, February 10, 2008

On the Grammy's Paul McCartney, Amy Winehouse

On the Grammy's Paul McCartney, Amy Winehouse

Hiya, may I be blunt here people? You know I'm gonna be hella pissed if Paul McCartney does not win a Grammy from "Memory Almost Full". Since Paul's people have not bothered to post or update Pauls youtube channel, namely "Only Mama Knows" on youtube, I'm posting
"Ever present past" for Pauls Grammy nods. Do you think Paul is long over due to receive an award from them Grammy's?

Ever Present Past-Paul McCartney

Whats with em Gram's anyways? do they have something against Paul or what? It's been years since he has received such an honor, instead they are giving away Grammy's like candy to BS music based on record sales? OK, I might be wrong a lil there, but this is how I'm feelin it.

Remember when the Grammy's were exciting to watch at one time? (maybe not, lol) It's rumoured that a Beatles tribute is in the works? ( Let us not forget that horrible tribute to the Beatles on American Idol) crossing fingers, hopefully a much more polished effort will be presented, an give the Beatles some loving justice on the musics highest honour night.

Now, will the Beatles be getting some Love and a Grammy reguarding the Beatles Love? Yes, do reread this agian. It would be brillant if Paul & Ringo were honoured at the Grammy's for once, it has been a long time, wishing Paul & Ringo, much luck tonight. Now let me get onto Amy Winehouse.

Let me show some Love for Amy Winehouse

You know, last month or so I was really disappointed in the Grammy nomination offered to Amy Winehouse for that dreadful "Rehab" tune. Yes, I have tried to like it but find this song awfully faulty, if not irratating. I did however listen to Amy Winehouse and her music yesterday with some thought and an opened heart. Man can this girl sing? Hell Yes! What a soulful, smooth, bluesy singer, the girls got voice.

Back to Black BBC sessions Amy Winehouse

This is one of those types of voices that comes around every so often. I listened to
"Back to Black" from the album of the same name and was kinda blown away. Alright, I was with the haunting vocal of "blacckk, Blacccckk" What a brillant voice, this girly is reminiscent of the 40's 50's & 60's Holiday,Vaughn, Etta. The song Back to Black is destined to be a classic.

I'm really diggin the 60's vibe of this tune. Iv'e been sayin for the last few years I had wished this sound would come back, that of the 60's , 70's soul, blues, & funk. I like back to black and all it's metaphors, such a haunting, disturbing, emotional song. Amy does deserve a Grammy for this lil gem. I'm also liken" Love is a loosin game"

I'm hoping on a personal level she kicks the drugs, gains twenty and gets her hair "back to black". No, (I didn't post that as a joke either ) liken the blonde high-light she had tho. This young girl has raw talent, a voice of emtion, one of the BEST female voices I have heard in years.
Hopefully she will check herself, and get tired of all that drag~ wishin Amy some peace.
psst the Grammy's are on Tonight 8pm on the west coast

Grammy High lights ......

So Amy Winehouse wins "Song of the year" with Rehab ~ uhhh awfull, also "best new artist" that's cool. The shock and look on Amy Winehouse's faces as she stood there waiting from London, after her performance she was stunned she won record of the year that look was priceless! She gave a shot out to her hubby who is incarcerated, nice one

one other side note 50 cent is better than Kayne West, yep!

Ringo, Yoko, Olivia Harrison, and Barbara Bach were sitting together in the audiance a quick shot of them before the introduction of the Beatles trib.The Tribute to the Beatles was ok, with the Cirque De Soliel doing " A Day in the Life" segment from Beatles Love. Also "Let it be"- from Across The Universe, lead off by a young man who sang it quite beautifully including gospel singers, who were pretty powerful.
However it felt unfinished and I felt the Grammy's could have done better giving tribute to the Greatest band that ever lived..

Ohh very cool beans, George Martin wins Grammy for "Beatles Love" "All you need is love"-(best song, off a sound track ?) Ok, I lost that one lol-

Best performance at the Grammy's so far The Foo Fighters-Pretender who rawked the freakin house including orchestra that was a brillant performance!.

Quote of the night Vince Gil on receiving his Grammy::
" I just had an award given to me by a Beatle? Have you ever had that, Kanye?"

told him Vince, huh? that was a more on Kayne, quoted Bakstage with Herbie Hancock :
"Kanye and I are cool," he said. "I saw him earlier, and I said 'Good luck!' and he said 'I'd love to wish you good luck ... but I don't want you to get album of the year." source billboard

Gee, and Kanye West isn't arrogant? congrats to Herbie Hancoks Grammy win for album of the year, who also gave a awesome performance last night in the battling piano set with? (sorry donot know the guys name he was playing with?) other brillant performances were Tina Turner & Beyonce and of course Amy Winehouse~

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