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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

From Brian Ray in London

This is from Brian's blog on Myspace
Hello From London!
Category: Music
Greetings to you all!
As I write this message to you from my hotel in London, I am watching "the Lost World" on TV.. hilarious.. what a classic!Sorry to have been a bit out of touch, I've been busy writing/recording songs for a new CD [more on that soon] and preparing for this..
Rehearsing with Paul McCartney Ok, so I'm here rehearsing for some upcoming shows with Paul McCartney and band..

The first, in Liverpool for 35,000 at Anfield Stadium and the second, in Kiev in the Ukraine.. this one will be an outdoor show in the Square for over 300,000 people. We're all psyched to be playing together and the rehearsals are going really well. I can't tell you what songs we're playing but I will tell you that there will be some very cool surprises, to be sure.. Paul is in great form.. He looks and sounds better than ever and seems really glad to be rockin' out with the band again.Join my mailing list for details of the show and updates on tour news!!!

I'll be sending you all a newsletter after the Liverpool gig, with lots of fun details from the show and rehearsals with Paul and the band. Join my mailing list to get the news first! Also, if and when we DO announce further tour plans, you could be among the first to hear about it. When we do tour, I send out blogs once a week or so from my perspective from the road.. always something fun to report!We'll be coming back to London to rehearse some more before Kiev, then

I'll stay in London for another 10 days after the Ukraine show to record with my friend, Johnny Hallyday. So, all my friends in London message me, ok?Talk to you very soon,
I'm OUT!!

Harleyblues take:
Damnit! wish I was there!!!!~ ahhhhhhh no can do no funds!
Weds 5/28
Well I just received a nice lil message from Brian, how thoughtful of him to shoot me a line.. from London that is...
Yeah Bri, you rawk you know it!~

How exciting for him and his other band mates with Paul, rehearsing, about to kick off this lil gig at Anfield Stadium (sp) this coming weekend.
It's been almost 5 years since we had seen Paul & "My band" on Kings Dock in Liverpool~ ahhh the lovely memories of it all one of the best days of my life ever!!!!!!
F-man, I wish I was there. I had been pre-aproved for vacation time for over a year now. well I have no funds-no money. I can say I'm a lil blue.

I seriously could use a vacation right about now.. I have had Murphy's Law coming down on me heavy lately... don't you hate when that happens?
I asked Brian for a full report~ hopefully he will give me one.. I also asked Brian if he could tell Paul I will NOT be there... sniffle..
I'm tailights for a while I need to reflect on my major disappointemnt~lol
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