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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Woohoo today is my one year bloggin anniversary!




Wow, has it been a difficult year in the blogging realm, most of it all technical ( you know the kind where you spend countless hours trying too change somethin on your blog with no clue? that would be me.)
Yes, it HAS pissed me off at times.~I hardly receive comments to date, but do have visitors I'm still chuggin along.
I have not been blogging too much the past few weeks.Why? Cuz I was spending 6 hours a day blogging after work than like up to 17 hours on the weekend, per day, just getting lost in what to post next, or attempting to be creative-windows closing for no reason, than having to start blog post from the begginin, techie stuff, (eeeeer) and searchin for videos and crap, but I do like it, Blogging, that is~lol

The best things that I have found from blogging is this-BLOG CATALOG, STUMBLE & THE ANTMAN. The rest I find is bullshit, not all, but most, in my quest to become a better bloger especially the blogs that claim, they can help you it's all a ploy for you to visit their sites that offer meager morsels, claiming the same ol drag, that others claim.
I have met a palm full of righteous, cool peoples while blogging too. so Boots off too them! I still donot get DIGG & DELICIOUS...and I am quite intrigued on how Google is soo successful, also wondering if WE are suckers that use AddSense? We aren't makin bank, Google is-ha!~ So I will quite rambling now, the heat is making my mind wonder!

I just wanted to give-ME a shout out, Holla!!:):)
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