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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hell No I wont Vote For Obama!

Hell no I wont for Obama!

I don't care if he is the democratic nomination for Prez 08. I don't believe him or in him at all, he is all talk and no action. Sure he is great reading em speeches, He has a great speech writer, but where is the substance? What does Obama have to bring to the table? You've seen him ride on the coattails of Hillary in debates, Obama is a follower, not a leader, my honest opinion, no matter how much the "money people" are trying to groom him to run this country. I think it stinks, along with the media playing favoritism towards Obama.

C'mon where did this guy come from, outta no where, to run for President? I never heard from him up till what, 6 months ago? Americans say Oh, OK this is different, we are so desperate for changes in American from this current faulty Administration "lets pick this guy?"

Bullchips, I'm still not buying or believing and believe me, I have a strong sense, a 6th sense of sorts and truly believe this nominee will fuck -up this country even more than what we got going now. I'm not kidding sheesh we might even be better off with another REPUBLICAN. No, I ain't voting for McCain either.

You never forget where you come from and him but apparently with that mess with the Rev. Wright, Obama did just like that, cut the ol Reverend off like that. Let me see how many heads I can step on to the top. No, I had not heard the Revs speech, but I hear it was pretty deep.

I wonder if people are voting for Obama due to the colour of his skin, like Oprah? If this is the case that is really fucking stupid! It's about who can do the job effectively, who can be a true leader, who can fix the economic issues of this country, who can represent in our foreign affairs. who is tough as nails, who has strength of character.
Who will honor this nation and it's people, proudly. NOT, based on ones race or colour? This entire Presidential race reminds me of a house of cards.

No Guts no Glory I'm all the way with Hillary! Lets support Hillary Clinton People!
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