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Monday, August 04, 2008

Beatles Monopoly is here

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New Beatles Monopoly is here

Now is this coool or what it's about time Monopoly came out with a Beatles game.

"Monopoly: The Beatles Collectors Edition" provides Beatlemaniacs and music fans the opportunity to create their own private anthology of music by collecting Beatles albums including Abbey Road, Rubber Soul and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

The features include a game board that features all the albums recorded by The Beatles from Please, Please Me to Let It Be, familiar, traditional Monopoly game play, collectible pewter iconic tokens symbolizing cherished Beatles songs and a 60 minute speed play option.

The game is licensed by Apple Studios and is the first board game licensed by the Beatles brand. According to the press release, it allows players to "recall their most favorite Beatles tunes for a musical Monopoly experience." The game, for 2-6 players, can be played by ages 8 and up.

The objective is to create a private music anthology by collecting Beatles albums. The box top and the game board center both have an iconic black and white photo of the Fab Four. Properties are Beatle albums and points of interest, listed in chronological order of release date.
Here is a list of the Monopoly properties and how they'll be represented on the board:

you can purchase Beatles Monopoly at Amazon here or click on my Amazon link to the left on this page see Amazon widget?

Boardwalk: Apple Studios
Park Place: Abbey Road Studios
Green: Abbey Road, Hey Jude, Let It Be
Yellow: Magical Mystery Tour, The Beatles, Yellow Submarine
Red: Yesterday…and Today, Revolver, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Orange: Beatles VI, Help!, Rubber Soul
Magenta: Something New, Beatles For Sale, Beatles '65
Light Blue: Introducing the Beatles, The Beatles' Second Album, A Hard Day's Night
Purple: Please, Please Me, With the Beatles
Railroads: Concert Tickets
Chance: The Fab Four
Community Chest: Beatlemania
Electric Company and Waterworks: Shea Stadium, Candlestick Park
Income Tax: Taxman
Luxury Tax: Ticket To Ride
Pewter Tokens: Walrus (I Am The Walrus), Sun (Here Comes The Sun), Raccoon (Rocky Raccoon), Octopus (Octopus's Garden), Strawberry (Strawberry Fields Forever), Hammer
(Maxwell's Silver Hammer)
Money: Love: "All You Need Is Love"
Houses: Renamed Listening Parties (white)
Hotels: Renamed Concerts (black)
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