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Saturday, August 02, 2008

A Fan account of Quebec before the show Rowdy fans!

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A Fan account of Quebec before the show Rowdy fans
By Elsa B.

People in our entrance gate waiting area crowd were very young and totally belligerent hooligans, shouting up at anything and anyone. It was really funny for they kept on drinking from hard liquor flasks all night long and smoking pot from little darling pipes very openly all the time. , but this mostly Canadian crowd was a really unruly rough bunch and they scared out a lot of people in our group and around. (hb. the fans where that wild huh?)
That was a rough crowd, but the five of us in our group that made it to the front row, and the four of our group that made it to the second row right behind of us proved to be tougher! (hb.So you managed to get to the front of 250,000 people? Damnnn!! lol)

Photos takin by Elsa B.

Sir Paul was Superb! The 31 hours we patiently waited by the front row gates were totally worth it! We got squeezed, shoved, pushed, stepped on, yelled at, elbowed, got rained-on Saturday, got sleepless and cold through the night, and then got sun burnt and over heated the next day, but still we held our places even though extremely hungry and dehydrated, and survived!

Our feet really took a beating and hurt either standing or sitting for days, but all the pains and aches were forgotten once Sir Paul hit that stage. We were in Heaven for the duration of his show! Of course we only do this for Sir Paul, and now we have a great adventure we'll be laughing at for the rest of our lives. Viva Sir Paul forever! (hb. yeah Paul rawks and we lOVE HIM!)
Yes, The medium sized Quebec Jacket Sir Paul wore for a few songs during the concert was from a boutique at Le Fontenac hotel and it const $49.95 Canadian dollars. I know because I bought me one! Also, it was blue and not gray as some reports say. (Dang I like that jacket El lol)
And the picture with the Hotel Le Fontenac was like a dreamy castle. That's where Sir Paul and all the band stayed at and it was truly lovely! His view must have been incredible. I'm very happy Nancy was there sharing that lovely place ....

Pauls diggs in Quebec

Geeez E. I'm happy that you got to go see Paul AGAIN!!!!! dangit hehehehe.. man that musta been wicked awesome to be in front ....ahhhhh what memories for you guys! hb~

more piccies from Elsa b. Paul & Quebec flag

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