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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

McCartney road trip on Route 66

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McCartney road trip on Route 66

Trying to find Paul is like ..Where's Waldo? some stories commin in just seem to not make sense so If I heard or read something exciting I'll tell you..

So there were rumours yesterday that Paul stopped in Springfield Ill. I wouldn't have believed it until I saw Paul posing in a foto with a group of locals, almost James Dean like, lol now how cool is that? Ohh man there in nothing like a road trip, especially when you are on your way to see Paul McCartney & Ringo from parts unknown...

Former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney has taken Nancy Shevell, who is rumoured to be his girlfriend, on a road trip along Route 66 in America.The pair, who are travelling in a 1989 Ford Bronco,

Paul strikin a pose with some local Springfield boys

sample Bronco, not actually the one Paul & Nancy are road trippin in thru America

their journey began from McCartney's holiday home in the Hamptons, New York last week. Details of their 3,000 mile trip emerged after McCartney posed for pictures with fans in the town of Springfield. (see above) The former Beatle can be seen putting his thumbs up in the photos. Ha, notice they have ciggy prices posted why not gas prices?.. That would have been priceless...

Ohh but I'd rather see Paul cruisin in style in a red 1966 GTO seen here,....forget the Bronco he is bound to be noticed as he and Nancy make their way thru the historic route.. wind blowin thru their hair, all wild, singing songs laughin.. enjoying the scenery. Sheeeesh there is bound to be no veggie restaurants, where will they eat, At JOES?

baby you can drive my car

From qcsun online.

Beatlemania hit Tucumcari on Thursday.
Paul McCartney visited an antique shop and restaurant on Thursday, according to customers and store owners.
McCartney and a lady friend visited with Ruth Daniel at her shop, Things, on Route 66.
Then he moved on to Del's Restaurant for lunch, also on Route 66, where he ordered a take-out.piccie below.

Paul at Del's restaurant

from The Chicago Sun Times By
David Hoekstra on August 8, 2008

It is not who you know, but where you stand.That's one bit of maverick advice I would give my wonderful 5-year-old nephew Jude. It worked out for Don Dunavin, the owner of the Record Rack used CD and record store in Amarillo, Tx. Dunavin was hanging around a convenience store off of Route 66 on Wednesday evening when he heard that

We hung out at the hotel for about 30 minutes," Dunavin said Friday from the Record Rack. "I was holding Jude and he walked right in front of us near the entrance of the hotel. I took two steps forward and shook his hand. He immediately went to Jude, grabbed his hand and started talking to him. He didn't even know his name."So Dunavin, 44, asked Sir Paul to guess his boy's name.

After we told him he was Jude, he said, 'I got something for him'," Dunavin recalled. McCartney reached into his pocket and pulled out a miniature harmonica. He bent down and started playing for Jude. "Not anything in particular," Dunavin continued. "Jude was smiling at him. I told my wife to get the camera out and take a picture and he immediately quit. He said, 'Please, no pictures.' He wouldn't do any autographs. But then he started playing some more. It all took no longer than a couple of minutes. He had no security and he was traveling in an '89 Ford Bronco."

Of course the Dunavins are Beatles fans. "After we saw that movie 'Across the Universe' Lori fell in love with the main character Jude," he said. "That's what finally made her decide on that name." Their son is named Jude Alexander. My nephew is Jude Aron, although I would call him Jude Rascal.

This was Dunavin's biggest celebrity encounter over the 22 years that he has owned the Record Rack, 3409 S. Georgia, about three miles off of Route 66. "We had Black Oak Arkansas come in once," he said. "Omar and the Howlers have been in here." Now Dunavin is a celebrity himself. And don't you know that its a fool who plays it cool/by making his world a little colder....

Now what a story this is, wow Paul wouldn't sign an autograph for them,, or a picture? I would have cried had it been me!~ lol


Paul taking a piccie of Nancy somewhere in anytown USA... foto courtesy the Daily Mail, UK.

see story here

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