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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Paul dont do it!!!!!!

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Paul don't do it!!!!

Now there are rumours swirling around that Paul McCartney is entertaining the idea of getting married again, to Nancy Shevell? Can I just say DON'T DO IT PAUL! Give yourself some time damn.. All your fans & family want you happy .... I know people didn't care for Heather but I liked her.
People shouldn't judge someone who they do not know.. and what they read from the media making her out to be a villain.. Heather has done a world of good for lots of causes and she had Bea.. this has just got to be a rumour ...I hope Paul never remarries, truthfully~
8/19 Paul I'm so happy to read you donot plan on getting married...whewww

Don't- Elvis Presley ded: to Paul McCartney lol listen to Elvis's harmonies just brilliant!

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