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Saturday, September 06, 2008

What to do when your hot and irritated? Plus Beatles Mix & Mash

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What to do when your hot and irritated? Plus Beatles Mix & Mash

It's freakin hot!
Man it's damn hot over here where I live. The heat makes me lazy and sleepy at least we could have some kinda breeze, right? Been having a heat wave in the bay area now for almost a week and I'm not in an air conditioned place at the moment, but my tight quarters of an apartment and I tell you.. it's making me uncomfortable. My favorite time of year is the Fall wish it would hurry up and come soon.
Geez, I could only imagine what animals feel like..ewwww..the poor lil creatures.

I don't even wanna drive anywhere! I don't have a damn pool either, I feel like a damn Grumpy Gus, laughin at myself. One thing that can bring you outta any funky mode is too listen to music, I'm just having a difficult time in choosing which vids to post?

Beatles-Green day Mash-up- Elanor Rigby

-whatta think? It would have been hella cool with cool vid to match .. but they did a great job this is crystal clear and Maasshed well... heheheh

Beatles in the Mix-Mash it up
I think it would be cool if someone would do a whole Beatles catalog of Beatles mixes. I had posted one months ago, perhaps this is what I will post, a Beatles mix, if I can find one. Yeah, Paul why don't you and Ringo come out with a catalog of Beatles mixes and what I mean by this is several songs mixed into one not just one songy I have heard in the past..
Or a Beatles "Mash- up" If you haven't heard a a Mash-up well I'll post one than.. It would be a slam dunk I bet every Beatles fan would buy em..would you? just thinking.

Beatles & Pantera Mash-up- Elanor Rigby done quite well like the video

I wonder what Paul and the band are doing if they are rehearing for that gig in Israel? I don't like that he is playing there either. I cannot express how many times I don't approve, like I would have any influence on Macca, ha! Maybe Paul will take his new Beatles Monopoly game on the road with him to play with the band... I'm just too delirious now since its so HOT!!!lol
OK, I have spent hours looking for vids Ive been workin on this post for 3 plus hours now, dang~I'm am-bushed and sleepy~lol
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