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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Paul McCartney says Michelle was written for Michelle Obama

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Paul McCartney says Michelle was written for Michelle Obama

New Yawk, NY-- Sir Paul McCartney said today the famous Beatle's song, 'Michelle', was written for Michelle Obama. The ex-Beatle was in New Yawk today for treatment on his marijuana addiction. Sir Paul says he smokes "about 20 joints a day, or maybe just 11.  (ya mean Snoop Dog right?)  " He hopes Michelle Obama has heard the song and hopes she enjoys it.

Sir Paul said the idea for the song came about one day when he and John Lennon were smoking some great Turkish hashish back in 1965

"We were talking about the future and all the famous people that weren't even born yet. We were both so stoned! We wanted to write a song for them, to let them know we were thinking about them anyway. It was my idea, John stole it of course, the asshole! Michelle Obama was only one-year old at the time but we knew she would be famous one day somehow." said Sir Paul through a thick haze of marijuana smoke.

"'Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds' was written for Lucy Diamond. She will be the first president of the world in 2200. Also, 'Lovely Rita' was written for Rita Maid. She won't be born for another thousand years though. I forget what she will be famous for. God, I'm still so stoned!

"Sir Paul had many other anecdotes to share but forgot them. "Memories almost full now, the hard drive is all gummed up with hash tar now. God, I miss those days. I'm going over to the Dakota Building now to see John. Won't he be surprised!"

The story above is totally ficticious thanx to The Spoof... but this was funny lol
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