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Monday, October 20, 2008

Keith Olbermann mentions Macca's missing head on Countdown update!

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update McCartney head found!
Oct 22
I don't believe it and this guy only gets $2000 thought the offer was $20g's?
read The Sun story here

Keith Olberman mentions Macca's missing head on Countdown
Oct 20
Kids,. you have all heard about that silly lil story about the missing Paul McCartney wax head missing on a train this past week,. right? Now they are asking for big bucks for it's return $20,.000 grand, Why? make another one, it doesn't look like Paul McCartneyat all in my opinion. I didn't post about it cuz I thought it was a non-important issue, dunno why?

I'm glad to hear and surprised to see Keith Olbermann happened to mention it tonight on his
"Best Persons" segment. hehehe He has a way with words and reporting, loving that humour. (OK,. he rawks! even after I posted "Creep vid" in his honour for dissin Hillary.) All is forgoven.

I'm happy to hear or read anything about the Beatles in national news, no matter how silly it may be., hats off to Keith Olbermann for his brillant news reporting and while we're at it- let us give him a "Best Newscaster of the World" shout.

If the video happenes to come up on the webby of Countdown, I'll post it.
ahh ha Countdown is over here is the video # 3

Keith Olberman-Best Persons #3 Paul McCartney wax head lol

Hum wondering if Keith O., had any commentary for Ringo going off with "No more" Autographs to the fans the other day? lmao!
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