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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Paul Mac's ex-PR man turns down £150k book offer

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Mac’s ex-PR man turns down £150k book offer

from AxeGrinder

Good news for Sir Paul McCartney – his former PR man, Geoff Baker, claims he has turned down an offer of £150,000 to write a book about his time working for the ex-Beatle.
Baker is currently writing a novel, Diary of a Madman, which is updated daily on his blog. The novel is about a music PR man losing his mind while working for a rock star, although Baker insists “the book is not about me, Paul, my family, my friends or anybody or any event that I have actually experienced”.

On Monday, Baker, a former showbusiness editor of the Daily Star, wrote on his blog:
“If I was writing for money I wouldn’t have turned down the latest offer of £150,000 up front to pen my Mcmemoirs and I wouldn’t be smoking roll-ups; well, not roll-ups this small.”

He also reveals he has just been sacked from his PR role for pop band Purplemelon “over some matter of annoyance at my persistence in saying ‘that won’t work, it’s a crap idea’, so I’ve returned to freelancing features for Her Majesty’s Press and am about to start whoring myself out as a columnist for any who will have me but most likely The Lung Disease Gazette.”

Baker was working as a freelance journalist when he began working for Macca in 1989. They parted company in acrimonious fashion in 2004.

HB take: Let me be clear, Geoff Baker wouldn't write such a book about Paul McCartney

OK, wow, Geoff no wonder I haven't heard bout Purplemelon lately, that is a shame.

Now a few years ago, Mr. Baker -as some of us call him Geoff,. informed us he would be writing a few books/novels, nothing of the sort would he write about Paul McCartney or his employ with Paul, as he was loyal to Paul and to family he was firm on this. (haters would disagree.)

He said something to the fact he would rather stick a lite cigarette in his eye. I cannot recall at this time what Geoff told us exactly, it was probably something far worse than what I wrote above.
Some fans, who have kept in touch with Geoff in recent years, had encouraged Geoff to write his books, since he is a brilliant writer.
I can say with certainty he loved the fans,. from my experience and treated them with fun, respect and dignity, as he would want to be treated., I suspect he could spot out the fakes and these were the ones that would get pissed off at Geoff for not providing them favors, I have seen it for myself.

Geoff is a real person, not fake, unlike some in Paul McCartney's current employ. We all have issues that need work, else we would not be human. Geoff is a a big Beatles's lover like most of us that love em.
Give Geoff Baker a break, and haters stop making him look like a villain. Geoff, is a decent person, with a wicked sense of humour, a great PR man, writer, and a true friend. He is tho, NO Howard Hughes.~smile.

We Miss You Geoff -hugs, the mob!!

ps. I'd love to post Geoff a vid, but I'm not sure which one? I'd also like to add, any British News paper would be lucky to have such a man, as Geoff. I hope he gets his own column, he desrves it. I pray a publisher picks up on any one of his works-books and publishes them. Your day will come again Geoff, I just know it!!
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