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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Free Fireman Download from NME Paul McCartney

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Free Fireman Download from NME Paul McCartney

Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight- is available as an exclusive free download from right now. Click HERE to get your copy." 'Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight' is a phrase that an old friend of mine from back in the 60's, a guy called Jimmy Scott, used to say down the clubs.

He was actually the guy who originally said ob-la-dee ob-la-da, one of the Beatles songs and I made a song out of that. You'd say to him, 'Too much, man' and he'd say, 'No, nothing too much just out of sight.' So I grabbed that and suddenly you could see where it was heading and I followed that trail.

Cool beans Paul,. nice to see you give fans free downloads! I cannot wait for the albums release., wooohooooo!~ Now I'm off to watch Across The Universe,. for the first time.
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