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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Paul McCartney supports Barack Obama dont forget the VP debate tonight

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Paul McCartney supports Barrack Obama dont forget the VP debate tonight.

Today Macca attended the fashion show of designer daughter Stella McCartney in Paris. One reporter from the Associated Press asked Paul, which candidate he supported in the US election? Paul McCartney responded, he hopes Barrack Obama to win!

It's nice to know that Macca supports one of them, but remember when Paul played the Bridge School Bennie a few years ago and said "vote for Kerry" when he walked onto the stage? we all let out a slight gasp, than followed by cheers. I for one didn't think Paul would be Political.

The VP debate on in moments

Am I the only one waiting with anticipation for Sarah Palin to fall onto her face, with a splat? I swear her interviews with Charlie Gibson & Katie Couric were, well...quite dreadful. For me this women does not have much common sense-simply put, and she wants to "Represent" this country? Embarrassing!
S. Palin is not worldly enough, educated or sophisticated to step into the shoes of a high power leader such as the President of the United States. I'd call her backwoods, she is scary.

We would be the laughing stock of the world if such a women stepped into power. John McCain really screwed this one up. This entire Presidential race reminds me of a reality show with all it's cast of characters. I don't care if she is a women she has nothing on Hillary Clinton not now or ever, HA!

Cartoon courtesy of slate magazine, lmao!

Dang, she cannot even answer simple questions, without dancing around the question, what is that about? I will stop there it's just too scary and I am being nice about it. I could go on but didn't want to waste too much energy on her- We shall see after the debate tonight. Whew! I hope she doesn't tell another lipstick joke,. What are the odds makers in Vegas giving in point spreads?

After the debate

Sarah Palin- more of the same, see above post blah blah blah boring-she Tanked, she couldn't answer the questions!!

Joe Biden-passionate, knowledgeable well done! I salute you sir, you rawked the debate!
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