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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hey kids listen to first cut off Electric Aguments from the Fireman!

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Hey kids listen to first cut off Electric Aguments the Fireman!

Damn Google hasn't been updating my posts here, I hope they do so now!
What the? hear that? that's Paul McCartney & Youth...aka 'The Fireman'
Your in for some music for your ears with the opening notes from the, harmonica.WOW! this isn't a dance record like some of those lamo's are posting-online:

'McCartney's making a new dance album with his alter ego' well not the first track anyway. Ssorry,this isn't no dancer- techno track-but a rocker, a hard rocker!.

If you like bluesy rockin music this first cut off the Fireman's new album is for you, titled 'Nothing too much just outta sight' The Fireman knocks this one outta the park with it's edgy sound & rawkin guitars ala Led Zeppelin with a 70's classic rock vibe.

Listen to that harmonica! this is nothing like Macca has ever done before unlike the last two Fireman albums.. Come to think of it? never this hard hitting and raw., lol

Nothing too much just outta sight-The Fireman

Thanks to Maccaspan for picking this up off Radio One in the UK and uploading it to YouTube, so that you, me, us, we, can have a listen. Diggin it? listen to it a few times, shocking isn't? Quite different than 'Life long pssion' another track posted here from Electric Aguments posted below....comments......
stay tuned!
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