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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Today is my Birthday will Paul McCartney call me?

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Today is my Birthday will Paul McCartney call me?

Hey people, yes I would post just a silly lil post like this. God only knows how much I would love & dream to meet Paul McCartney and Ringo. So I'm gonna wish and pray very hard, lol miracles do happen, right?

What is life if you cannot dream, and if you do, do it BIG! so in just the slightest chance Paul or Ringo hear of my post on my blog, I invite them to give me a ring. My number is:
that is my cell phone number Paul.

Several years ago I had the strangest phone call from the UK asking for Heather. 'Isn't this Heather's number they asked?' NO, it is my number, has been for years. Who ever it was demanded they speak to Heather. I'm not sure whether I said, 'the only Heather I knew of was Heather McCartney'?
This conversation went on for almost two minutes, hehehe. "well Heather gave me this number" they said. Sheesh this guy was insistent this was Heather's number, but Heather whom?

Was Paul McCartney calling?
no it wasn't Paul McCartney I know his voice!

I than felt a lil nervous and said 'hey your calling me from England?' I noticed the number when it came in as being from England from the country code. I thought it was Sam Leach a Beatles promo tor and friend of the Beatles back in the day or my matey, it wasn't either. I wondered if I had entered a contest in the UK online somewhere? I gushed how much I LOVED Grand-Ol-England.

The caller had a smile in his voice than ended the conversation. I wondered who that could have been? anyhow, I continue on my quest to meet Paul McCartney one day, I have so much to thank Paul for Ringo too. It is a long story only one that Paul & Ringo would understand.

I can hope. I can dream and I wait for the day-miles of smiles to you all!

The Long and winding Road-Paul McCartney Live from US02

The night Paul McCartney signed my sign posted here on my blog

This is one of my all time favorite songs that the Beatles ever sang. It was my favorite as a lil girl. I swear when Macca sang this at the Shark tank in San Jose Ca-2006. I just broke out in tears over-whelmed with emotion! Paul was looking straight at me! I was in the 5th row and I thought of all the music through-out the years. Always hoping and wishing to see a Beatle perform live!
I thought of Linda McCartney. Remembering the pain that I have went thru in my life all that damn emotion!. Paul singing as if he understood-smile.

The end was soon to come and Brian signaled they'd be back for an encore., During the reprise of Sgt Pepper Paul with a flip of his wrist signaled for me to send up that sign that I had carried too 4 countries following Paul on tour. OMG! I put Swaying Daisy's album on top of that sign and surfed it to the front, where it reached Paul on stage! he flipped it from the back to the front. and signed PAUL across the side! I'll always cherish this sign.! Love you Paul !

See sign on the left of my blog there? It's also great to see Paul and Geoff Baker hugging. This is the first time I watched this vid. ahh memories!
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