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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Semi-rant Sarah Palin is whacked!

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Semi-rant Sarah Palin is whacked!

Ok kids, please bare with me. I cannot stand it any longer. I almost cringe!- a small rant on Sarah Palin. Watching her campaign over the past 2 weeks or so,. I can't keep silent any longer, without commenting.
Just the other day, Saturday night in fact, I was telling a loved one, I believed Rep. Gov. Sarah Palin was "Wack"yep, that is slang for CRAZY!

If that wasn't enough, when I tuned into MSNBC countdown an unknown source in the McCain camp, today in fact, also called Sarah Palin a "Whack Job" my ears perked,. whaaaaa?. Whoa, something I can finally agree with on the Republican side, something straight forward, and honest coming from the McCain Camp! someone's on hit!

Hey,I'm not the only one who believes Sarah Palin is Whacked! talk about outta touch, this women is embarrassing she can't "Represent" me, or the US, give me a break. I can barely type, people. This women is 'Scary Sherry Dangerous' How will SNL run with this latest news of Palin the Wacko? they're gonnna run with it!

Oh and did you see that lil snippet of the Joe-ism's yesterday on the Palin campaign trail? paraphrasing here, Sarah Palin's favorite Joey-ism is:

I' am Joe-Mama!

Sarah Palin thought that was funny?- Sarah Palin is Joe LAME!- whatta maroon plain and simple. Who is she tryin to appeal to the 8th grade class?

McCain needs to get a grip

I like John McCain,. I appreciate all his years of service to this country,. I applaud him for that. If McCain believed he could sway Hillary Clinton voters with 'Annie get your Guns?'-bullchips! Most American women are smarter than this Rep. VP and we aren't falling for it. I suspect many women are laughing there asses off at Palin. This women should be selling Mary Kay and disappear.

Keith Olbermann's campaign commentary on Palin the Fraud

Oh please enjoy this lil vid by Keith Olbermann from tonight's Countdown., If you must replay more than once, please do so that you may savior his gentleman rant! lmao~

Voting for Obama?

I got people trying to get my vote for Sen. Obama. Obama is highly intelligent,. a brilliant speaker with great ideals for the people of this country, who is best suited for the Presidency, there I said it, and admit it, rant over. I know people with much more skillz and more common sense than Gov. Palin, I'm done with Palin and all this bull.


Ok, here it is the next day and I still want to rant on Palin, like I told 'whiteline' in the comment section Gov. Palin should stand in the unemployment line with the rest of the poor people who have lost their jobs lately, than sell all them darn clothes and dole out that $150,000 grand to all the people in that line, the monies from the proceeds! errrrrrr!
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