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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Dear Mr President Barack Obama

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Dear Mr President Barack Obama

I thought I'd write a post dedicated to President elect, Barack Obama. I wasn't sure what I'd write? I was nervous!

It is no secret I was thoroughly upset Senator Hillary Clinton,. wasn't chosen for the Democratic nomination. I believed Obama was a fraud, and arrogant,. a man with no substance,. I was scurred for this country, if he had been nominated, and became President of the Unites Sates. I had planned to vote for Senator John McCain in defiant response,. but than,. McCain made the fatal mistake of picking Sarah Palin as his VP. Good PR, to get the Hillary vote, but the wrong women for this country, a nightmare of sorts, as I have posted these past few months ...

I said to myself, Christina you better think long and hard about who you want in the White House, as most Americans have been thinking, did we really want change? YES! I began listening to Barack Obama's message and his debates,. and said to myself:

A mental shift a change of heart
"this guy is hella smart, brilliant, he has the wisdom of a spiritual leader, calm and confident he has humour!" ( psst..Obama's got game)

He might not be so bad, after all? it was hitting me day by day, I even prayed on it!
I looked forward to hear from Obama,. as the days turned into weeks.,This man feels like a man, of PEACE!! that rawks!

This first song I'd like to dedicate to Barack Obama is "Try Jah Love"-from Third World., please give it a listen!

Try Jah Love by Third World

Try Jah Love-Third World

Ya know,. I'm really happy for Black America, I'm tired of the crotchety white man,. old school type of thinking and politics. For me this wasn't about colour,. but who would be best suited for the job as Commander in Chief. I'm happy a black man or African American is in the White House, Barack Obama broke the barrier He will bring politics and the Presidency to the 21st century "Good on Ya, Obama"

I'm feeling the shift for this country. There should be no racial divide, but one nation coming together, finally it is happening,. this makes me happy to be an American., I see hope, for the future, for all Americans.

The Speeches
I appreciate John McCain's concession speech it was eloquent, McCain truly a class act. Barack Obama's speech was truly moving speaking of the centurion and life through her eyes, the last 100 plus years, watching the sea of people in awe, via the telly I was very touched. You could feel the LOVE when he walked on stage. I truly hope Barack Obama, kicks ass in The White House, I pray for his success. Yo Bama you go! I am humbled,. and yes,. I did vote for Obama.
PEACE I'm out.

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