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Thursday, November 06, 2008

McCartney hails Obama at MTV awards-Liverpool

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McCartney hails Obama at MTV awards-Liverpool
note: hb equals my lil comments
LIVERPOOL (AFP) — Ex Beatle Sir Paul McCartney was given a special gong at the MTV Europe Music Awards Thursday in his home city of Liverpool -- and used the event to hail US president-elect Barack Obama.

(hb.Hey Paul, remember when you said 'vote for Kerry' at Bridge School? that was cool of Paul to give a shout out to Obama)

McCartney was presented with the Ultimate Legend Award, created especially for him, by U2 front man Bono, who compared him to the pope and described his work as "immortal".
(hb: yeah Bono Macca is Immortal-you should bow down to him!) note: I just read Bono, got some boo's from the crowd.

Accepting the honour, McCartney thanked fellow Beatles John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, adding: (hb: bless John & George)

"Many years ago, there were four little boys born here in Liverpool and we went on to do quite well.
"Thanks to all my family, to all you for coming along, to everyone in Great Britain, to everyone in America for voting in Mr Obama."

Bono said that McCartney had driven him to the awards, pointing out his old haunts en route. "It was like being in the Popemobile with the Pope driving," the Irish star said. (hb: is Bono a kiss ass? remember him on the front cover of Time-with Gates geez!)
Other stars also joined in the celebrations over Obama's victory this week -- Sugababes took to the stage to present an award dressed in red, white and blue while actor Jared Leto, whose band 30 Seconds To Mars won the rock out award, got the crowd on their feet in Obama's honour.
"Let's hear it for Barack Obama," he said, to loud cheers from fans.

Among the acts performing live were prominent Obama supporter West and Perry, who also welcomed Obama's election, saying: "Maybe Europe will love us again now".

The awards, voted for by viewers of music video channel MTV, were being watched by around 10,000 fans at the ceremony and some 30 million people on television worldwide.

Liverpool was chosen as one of this year's European capitals of culture partly because of its pop music heritage. (hb: wow, they were rawkin it out for Obama, HA!) While were are at it, When is the last time when Macca was on it's cover, as Person of the Year, Time that is?.

Perez Hilton meets Macca
What the? I don't know who Perez Hilton is, I see that name come up on the web, he is a well known blogger, I guess? Well I went to his webby and guess what? He meets Paul tonight atthe MTV awards, a small snippet of him interviewing Paul and Paul talks about his 'Trousers' some people have all the freakin luck! No, I'm not hatin, a fan should have met Paul,. like me! lol see video
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