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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Fireman Electric Arguments vids check thse out!

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Fireman Electric Arguments vids check these out!

Still haven't heard the Fireman and their latest Electric Arguments? Well check these vids out, this flows rather nicely from Lovers in a Dream, Sing the Changes & the Fireman recording. The first vid, The BEST video, Maccaspan has ever done in video on Macca, my opinion of course. Maccamaker on Sing the changes and finally The Fireman in Sussex recording. Enjoy the vids!

Maccaspan-Lovers in a Dream

Another great vid made by Maccamaker, job well done! Sing the changes below, from
Electric Arguments. Very fireman like don't you agree?

Maccamaker-Sing the Changes

The Fireman Rushes in to the recording studio in Sussex, England
hehehehe Paul you're so clever please release a clever vid from the album.
I'd loved to see a mixed version and vid of Universal Here Everlasting now, a fav from the album. Paul, where is the mystery of a mixed track video or two for that matter? it would rawk hard, not that you would want a cult following. I believe Rushes is one of the" best ever" written by the Fireman.
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