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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Notes in News Touring, McCartney, Kanye West again? damn!

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Notes in news Music touring, McCartney, Kanye West again, Damn!

No touring for the biggins
According to concert industry sources, Diamond, McCartney, The Eagles, Green Day and Metallica have put visits on hold in Australia because of the bad economy. Who in their right mind would tour now? The economy is so bad ,perhaps small venues, would be better suited for artist's who wanna play for em crowds? Does this mean no tour this upcoming year for Paul McCartney?
Times of India

Kayne West still soaking it meeting Macca
ahh he wanted to play Paul a lil rifff~
He grabbed the former Beatle and played him one of his new songs, Heartless - a tale of a man who "lost his soul to a woman so heartless".

"I thought the melody was very classic and he might connect with it and the words," West says, with Heather Mills' ears burning somewhere
Oh,that's fresh, talkin smack about McCartney' s ex wife now, not nice~

I tell you this guy is one big bunch of flip flop, flip this way, flop another. One day he says he no one can ever be big, as the Beatles. Next he will be bigger, than the Beatles or wants to? Now he is bigger than Elvis? bullchips! brotha, phulease. rolling my eyes
Entertainment news

50 Cent better than Kanye West...YES!
Kanye needs a slap down reality check. And for the record 50 is better than your arrogant Ass along with Ludacris, TI, & T-pain.
" I halfta say it agian, And for the record 50 is better than your arrogant ass, along with Ludacris,TI & T-Pain
Yep, I said it! I think it' s time to post Creep video in Kanye's honor its been months and months but this Egomaniac, has it coming

TRL no longer
ahh isn't it a pity MTV's TRL is no longer ...BIG deal!!!!! Why can't MTV get back to their roots? remember video's or is that too old school?
MTV news

Creep-Radiohead dedicated to Kanye West

LOVE Radiohead! Turn it up kids. Another Harleyblues's Creep dedication to celebrity Creeps, I find, when inspired. It has been a long time since I posted 'Creep' vid for a Celebrity jerk. Enjoy!
I'm tailights
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