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Monday, November 10, 2008

How sweet is that Macca wants to serenade Michelle Obama

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How sweet is that Macca wants to serenade Michelle Obama

I was to lazy tired to post this yesterday, after posting the Kanye post-that wore me out! ha!
anyhow I thought that awfully sweet, Paul McCartney wants to sing for Michelle Obama. Well we all knew it would be Michelle, but why not Blackbird? 'hey, Paul tells the story best why he wrote that song in the 60's. black women's struggle and civil rights's issues back than. It's a lovely song.

The Spoof had written a story about Paul McCartney's Michelle was written for Michelle Obama in Sept. I posted it here,

Could you imagine Paul McCartney singing to you, too you personally? what an honor, I'd be blushing ear to ear! Paul recently said via People mag. he hoped Barrack Obama had won the election and thanked Americans for voting for him

I was so 'fingers crossed' he would win it," said McCartney. "I'm so chuffed."
Michelle Obama's favorite artist is Stevie Wonder, ok, why not Paul McCartney? ( Stevie was off-key during his performance of Obama's acceptance gig for Prez, remember?) give him, Paul a chance Mrs. Obama. Paul McCartney is brilliant!
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