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Sunday, November 09, 2008

The smartest thing Kanye West ever said in public

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The Smartest thing Kayne West ever said in public
Note: yeah, I mispelled Kanye's name-sorry, corrected

Recently, Kanye West was interviewed by MTV, which caught my eye yesterday 'he admires the Beatles' well right on, that is news to me. I swear, I thought he once said, he would be bigger than the Beatles ? perhaps it was my imagination, yeah. In an excerpt below Kayne is quoted, from MTV. as saying:

"That's why whenever bands come out and say, 'This album is better than the Beatles,' it is impossible to make an album better than the Beatles unless you've got 30 years," he explained. "Beatles records — people have known them their whole lives ...
This has got to be the smartest thing, Kayne West have ever said in public, my personal opinion. Right Kanye, nobody can make a better album than the Beatles or be as big, Not even you Kanye, I'm glad we agree!.

I don't know why I Have always thought West to be arrogant, perhaps it was at last years Grammys when I read he felt slighted-than...not giving Herbie Hancock his true props. I'd have to search back on my blog posts for that info. Or perhaps, he believes, he will be the best artist of this decade? That's confidence for ya!-How can you measure that with all the diff music genre's? He believes he is a better rapper, than '50' cent said it himself...Um No! Kanye does have some cool cuts tho I'll give him that.
The interview is rather insightful. A good read-Kanye breaks it down.

want to read more continued here
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