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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Kanye West Throws a Pity Party

Kanye West Throws a Pity Party

Slate mags take on Kanye West, Glad I'm not the only one who feels Kanye West is arrogant.

What is it about Kanye West's self-love that annoys people so deeply? No other rapper is taken to task as frequently and as fervently for crimes of the ego. Even West's fans, on message boards and in comments sections, This is hard to figure.
Complaining about a rapper's outsized ego is a bit like complaining about a professional bicyclist's outsized calves or a clown's outsized pants: They're part of the job description.

Part of the answer lies, it seems, in one of West's most human-scale traits: the way he'll undercut his arrogance with evidence of the self-doubts gnawing beneath. When Lil' Wayne calls himself the best rapper alive or T.I. anoints himself, simply, king, they are imperious about it. When West argues for his greatness, he often does so with a needy whine: ranting onstage and off at awards shows about perceived snubs; using his blog to attack an Entertainment Weekly reviewer who gave West's recent tour a mere B+ rating.

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Great article from Slate!
Man, I thought this article was so great I sent it to Digg and Stumbled it!
No celebrity or artist has ever left me speechles or as pissed off, as Sarah Palin or Kanye West. Below is part of my comment on
There is nothing wrong believing you are the Greatest, we can laugh at artists not taking themselves so seriously, perhaps they are humble- is the key word? but this guy is so arrogant and rude, not only in print, but to the press. I don't get it.

If Kanye West is trying to get a rise like the Beatles did with John Lennon's
"we're bigger than Jesus" claim, than West has missed the mark...John Lennon was kidding but as you know, some didn't see it as a joke, than the Beatle ban begun.
see posts or older posts on West's claim he wants to be bigger than the Beatles and IS bigger than Elvis~
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