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Friday, November 07, 2008

Obama-Biden Beatles inspired Sgt. Pepper poster

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Obama-Biden Beatles inspired Sgt. Pepper poster

Oh man, check this out! an Obama-Biden Beatles inspired-Sgt. Pepper poster!

Named the Hopeful Hearts Club poster, inspired by the Beatles "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" album cover. Created by San Francisco-based artist Michael Cuffe, sells for 20 bucks, that's a deal.

'I have never seen a Beatles inspired poster like this before, especially a political one, this poster is based on the Obama-Biden campaign. A must have for ANY Beatles lover!~ Hey, you know I am ordering one. I wonder if Paul and Ringo know about this poster, will they also get one? maybe Paul would. This Rawks!!! more details below. I'd love to own the real painting! lol
I see Paul, John, George & Ringo.

The Hopeful Hearts Club

1 out of 3000 Limited Edition Hopeful Hearts Club Poster Print
Each poster measures 11” x 17” and is signed and numbered by artist Michael Cuffe.
Certificate of Authenticity included & numbered.

Top Row

Esther Hicks (author)
David Blaine (magician)
Charlize Theron (actress)
Dave Chapelle (comedian)
Sia (musician)
Bernie Mac (comic)
Stephen Hawking (scientist)
David Sedaris (author)
George Clooney (actor)
Shepherd Fairy (artist)
▪ Obama
“Hope” (artistwork)▪ Robert Downey Jr. (actor)
Ron Paul (politician)
Bob Dylan (musician)

Second Row
Gary Larson (cartoonist)
Abraham Lincoln (President)
Hunter S. Thompson (author)
Joel Mchale (TV Host)
John Lennon (musician)
George Harrison (musician)
Paul McCartney (musician)
Ringo Starr (musician)
Marilyn Monroe (actress)
Alice Sebold (author)
Wayne Dyer (author)
Chris Rock (comedian)
Greg Hildebrandt (artist)
Lewis Black (comedian)
Eckhart Tolle (author)
Peter Jackson (filmaker)
Rick Overton (comedian)
George W. Bush (president)

Third Row

Mike Cuffe (artist)
Stephen Colbert (comedian)
Dick Cheney (Vice-President)
Bruce Lee (actor)
Ronald Reagan (President)
George Carlin (comedian)
im Russert (TV Personality)
Michael Franti (musician)
Bob Ballard (Explorer)
Michael Phelps (athlete)
Teri Allmeroth (teacher)
Richard Branson (entrepreneur)
Jon Stewert (comedian)
Jane Roberts (author)
John F. Kennedy (President)
Dalai Lama(teacher)
JK Rowling (author)
Madelyn Dunham (Obama’s Grandmother)
Stanley Dunham (Obama’s Grandfather)

Front row

Martin Luther King (activist)
Oprah Winfrey (personality)
Jimmy Carter (President)
Bill Clinton (President)
Malia Obama (child)
Sasha Obama (child)
Al Gore (Vice President)
Edward Kennedy (Senator)▪Joe Biden (Senator)
Jill Biden (Senator)
Barack Obama (Senator)
Michelle Obama (public speaker)
Hillary Clinton (Senator)
David Plouffe (Barack Obamas Campaign Manager

Other Objects in painting

Meditation Girl
Obama Signpost
Mark Twain Bust
Will, the Golden Retreiver
▪The Obama Fairy (little girl)
TV (Obama’s Use of Media)
Polar Bear
Nice job Michael I'm ordering, as soon as I finish this posty!~ not convinced, watch the artist as he paints the poster, with a quickness

Michael Cuffe-Artist The Hopeful Hearts Club
“The Hopeful Hearts Club is a painting that reflects the essence of hope that the campaign has inspired in millions of Americans over the past 2 years. The 1967 Beatles Sgt. Pepper album manifested during a time of social, economic, and worldwide change.
I feel that we are in another moment where the choices we make are having a profound effect on our lives, and the world at large.
As with the original Sgt. Pepper album, I have taken careful consideration of individual placement, individuals accomplishments, and their relationship to the Obama campaign and this time of change. ”
Michael W. Cuffe.

To order poster go to The Obama This is beautiful.
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