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Monday, December 22, 2008

Announcement please support this blog & vote for me in" I need a new design" contest!

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Announcement please support this blog & vote for me in "I need a new design contest!"

a lil bit off topic post here. Today, I stumbled onto a site (thanx Jpearce) for bloggers, who are in desperate need of a new web design: the worst of the worst. I gave a vote too the person who asked for one, than entered into the contest myself.

The winner to receive a complete, spankin, bright & shiny brand new webby design! Cool huh?

You see, I must be one of the most technically challenged people on the net. A friend had helped me set-up my blog. After a year & a half of blogging I have learned a bit, however, I do not not know a thing about, web design and all that techie stuff..( it's freakin difficult) it actually pisses me
for example the social bookmarking widget you see above each post took me 10 hrs. alone just to implement. (dang, that was a lotta work) posting video's took 2 days, Once successful I would pat myself on the back. I'm asking you, the people that do visit my cool lil blog, if you would do me the honor & vote for me! I will beg if I have too. I'll even plead-pretty please.

I have an announcement posted up on top you can either click on the link there or that yellow-green widget located on the top left' that says "Vote Now" once there, you need to scroll down just a bit, and vote for me-that's all it takes!

You do not need to register. I have 11 votes so far from bloggers via Blog Catalog and I am grateful to them. The thing is this, the current leader has over 1000 votes, yes, you read that right, 1000 votes! I for one don't know 1000 people but, I do know many people do come to read this blog or see what crap I'm posting about~

Check this, I was their, at that webby, and some who have entered, well,their blogs are great, wonderful design why did they even enter the contest?. I hope the judges pay attention and base some of the votes on real design need.

Please vote for this blog!
You can always backspace and come back if you like or not. Please HELP me to secure some votes people for a Spankin new blog design. I'd love a 3 column blog something fresh & new kinda old school British...I have a vision. So once again I will post about this until I win. Will you HELP me please and VOTE here. I can't bribe ya with money.... cuz I haven't
more later hb~
Now, how bout some Beatles

What did you expect? muhahahahahaha

Don't forget to vote!!!!!!!!! Woohooo!!
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