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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fans Meeting Macca at HMV London! (Lucky Bastiffs)

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Fans Meeting Macca today at HMV London! (lucky bastiffs)
Dec 21st-Daytime
Fans meeting Paul below: plus just added Vid,

There is not a day that I don't speak about Paul McCartney and The Beatles, especially at work. People ask me daily "whats new with Paul McCartney?" "when is he going on tour?" or ask some type of Beatles trivia..I am, by no means...any sort of Beatles expert, just a huge FAN who loves them Beatles and everything about em, period. I have never had the pleasure of meeting Paul McCartney myself-whatta drag! ( however I have had vivid dreams meeting Paul, me and my matey Sarah F.)
I have came so close in past years tho.. (once when Paul nearly ran over my foot in Liverpool) I pray on the day-God willing- if there is the slightest chance I might meet Macca, also. Well today many fans had their wishes and dreams fulfilled meeting Paul McCartney for the first time at the HMV store on London's Oxford Street for an album signing of The Firemans latest:
Electric Arguments

No Heart for Peter no Merry Christmas for Paul oops!
I think I scared the scruffy get standing cause outside afterwards they turned around the car so that he would avoid getting near me the psycho in a suit. Well, I looked at the weatherforecast last night and saw it was mild, it was always my intention to wear a tie, nice slacks shirt and jumper, but being that it was so mild (forecasted), and remembering that at Virgin two years he turned up in a suit and tie, (foto Courtesy Reuters)

I thought bollocks the man has been an important part of my growing up ( or as far as any man grows up) the least I can do is make an effort and wear a suit, plus I got it drycleaned after Liverpool I might as well wear it again.

Well I was number three in the queue ie 7.50ish pm on Wednesday night, only went coz I couldn't the stand the thought of nutter scots lass queuing up all night on the wicked, debauched streets of London, and i will never forgive you DC for not giving me the cash to go into Stringfellows. But mad manch lady wanted to see me cry along with Neeta so they pushed me in front of her to number two.

Once, we got into the store (HMV) they were of course playing the EA but I was before Tuesday getting it for Christmas and had only heard the three tracks played on the radio broadcastr with the standin for O'leary. And as it was the only present ( I normally buy th releases on the date of release) I want to heard it totally on Christmas day. It was surprisingly easy to block it out coz of the chatter of the nervous nutters around me , some on thsi board have met me in real life and will probably find it hard to believe that when i am nervous really nervous I go very quiet or at least on the scale of Peter.
Plus I was doing me mantra "Do Not Say " I Love you , Paul in a non gay way" and "Do Not Say Mary is Beautiful" thought the imaging of Mr McCartney sitting on the bog was slightly disconcerting to say the least.

DC went up first and she can tell you what she said and what he replied if she wishes to do, she is at the moment on a train back north. I was getting pushed ( gently and saying yes go on to me ) to move her along. So I went upto the desk and handed him the cd and said "Thank you Mr McCartney" why I dont know he only said "Hello" and smiled whilst reaching out his hand. He was looking straight at me and I said " Thank you for the 45 and half years of pleasure", he looked I suppose quizingly at me as i only look 33 and 6/3 ( shutit DC). I then said "And thank you for being a decent hero. A boy (or man or lad "i can't quite recall") growing up needs his hero to be a decent man or bloke" some of you may know that I normally only use the phrase "half decent man"
but I guess i got carried away. I think or maybe i am imaging it that his voice slightly softened from before when he said "thank you very much" it was definitely thank you very but I was getting embarrassed and wanted to leg it. I can't recall if I had already got the cd in my hand but I remember my eyes suddenly came into focus that he had proferred his hand and I was thinking " ******* Hell he wants to shake hands with you". I know I know his manners are verging on the impeccable but for some reason I had got it into my head that I wouldn't be shaking hands with him.

'His handshake was warm and friendly or was it my hand that was warm?'
', none of this macho power handshake crap. (hb: lmao) When your working class in Britain that crushing of the hand gets a headbutt. Macho men aint real men, real men care and protect their women. I am sure he has his folibles but Mr McCartney is too my mind a real man.

I basically tried to run away then and he wished me a " Merry or Happy Christmas", I had totally forgot about Christmas and I think I said "oh, andyou too" or something similar. So I am afriad that I might have appeared rude or something.

I have never been anywhere near his homes, though i got calls from a Wirral Police officer a couple of times wheni lived in Liverpool, when he was just in town on family and personal stuff, never gone to his farm, known idiots who have, never gone to Abbey Road as it is too near his home, keep temptation away, as I consider it rude. But have always hoped to bump into him on the street to just thank him for the music. Why the hell did i say "thank you for the pleasure" sounds more like a reference for the stud farm. How many years have I thought of what I would say when people ask you what you would say if you actually met him, though my normal outloud response has always been a jokey one. And when i get the chance although brief I bugger it up.

Two things stopped me joining the UDA in the mid 70's, me mum ( good mersey lass) and the Beatles message, I was in my mid teens. The train fares are the rest of this year's crissie present. But not the 50 fags a day i have been smoking since Tuesday lunchtime when the mad scot got a hold of me.

Now however inadequately I feel that I expressed my admiration and graditude to Mr McCartney, really should be "your Grace, the Duke of Speke has a nice ring too it and could easily be a chain of pubs, with the onset of the depression I am sure just a half a million quid could get a dukedom".
I shall not be going to any of these events or meetings, though there are at least 10 people I would love to have a siggie from him, a couple of relations but mostly friends that the music of the Beatles has made happen ( awful this sentence I know but I am quite honestly buggered) from differnet nationalities and cultures and age groups and some but not all that I was lucky in the last year ( just over ) to actually meet in person.

So, Harley mad manch lady and neeta will hate you coz by your question, you have achieved the result that they wished to see but didnt get to.

My item was signed just:
" cheers joe bloggs" with no heart, why NOT!!! Though I regret not asking him to write LFC Rules OK
from Peter, Somewhere's in England..

Well, I for one am soooo Happy for Peter meeting Macca, finally. He isn't the sort to stand in lines! I also know he is estatic meeting his hero..right on Peter I'd be awfully happy too!!.
I Still Can't believe I met Paul McCartney!!!!!!
I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE I MET SIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was awesome!! He is awesome--so kind and nice and sociable...
He listened to all I had to say (like EA and MAF are fantastic, your music is immortal, you are awesome, and wish you a merry xmas ), wrote down his autograph (no dedication as the first thing I uttered was my name, and it didn't come out very well... )
but he made a funny drawing beside the signature as well as a heart at the bottom. He was pleased I loved MAF and EA, and shook my hand twice, when I got to him and when I left.

Everything was perfectly organised. I had a great time
(for 10 mins, after he arrived, all I could say was OMG!). When he came out, I was waiting for him with others, and he was so nice, said hi to everyone, and wished us all a merry xmas and happy new year. He was in great shape and mood.
The man rocks!! I didn't think he'd be so nice. Apart from the sales issue, I am sure he does meet people because he likes to--you can see it in his eyes, he loves to listen to you and even slows down the signing while you're talking, to let you finish. He never pushes you away, he loves to talk.

From Trystan aka Sarah, Italy
Woohoo Sarah you lucky Duck, you met Sir Paul McCartney! how effin awesome for you! I'm happy for you guys--were ya nervous? lol

I feel very lucky I can't stop staring at my autograph!!!
My experience was a bit weird. I didn't get a wristband but thought I would go down there to see what the queue was like - remembering what it was like at Virgin in November 2006. But to my surprise there were only about 5 people outside the store and they didn't seem to be aware that the wristbands were available from Thursday.
Was there a big queue of people at any time since the release of the wristbands? I could see people inside but no queue of hopefuls like last time. The only thing those people mentioned was that they had seen some press guys go around the back. So I went round to the back door and saw a member of HMV staff looking out, so I asked if they had any wristbands left.
The guy went to check and came back with one and took me straight into the store! I had a yellow band so had to wait a while but I finally got to speak to him.

I asked him to sign my 'home is where the heart is' poster from King's Dock in 2003
and he said 'wow' when he recognised it. I told him how great the show was and also Anfield this year and when he asked I told him that I live in Liverpool. And he shook my hand! He does have very soft hands - he obviously doesn't do too much hard labour! He has 'people' for that! But he was very gracious and very human (if you know what I mean) - not the out-of-reach megastar attitude that some stars have. I feel very lucky and can't stop staring at the autograph!

"He does have very soft hands"
estrella de mar, Liverpool

hb: I'm so happy for you, meeting Paul. I was in Liverpool 03 also, and asked at the end of the gig if I could have one of those bitty signs also. the "home is where the heart is" Liverpool was one of the best concerts ever I'm so grateful I got to attend!

Video of Macca at HMV London thanx to a Norwegian webby~

Lmao hear this young girl say "I'm only 18 and the rest are old?" what the? lol

Well, Access Hollywood just had a lil snippet of Paul & Fans London signing plus this video, cool beans.
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