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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Paul McCartney receives 2 Grammy Nominations!

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Paul McCartney receives 2 Grammy nominations!
Dec 3rd 8:15pm
note: I spent 5 plus hours listenin to music (hey I'm fair) and re-editing this post from last night, I hope you give it a read. thanx!

Woohooo Paul, Right on! Dang, I'm praying you actually get a Grammy this year.
For US who were there at the Amoeba, you rawked the house! that was a brilliant performance, and worth it. Standing in line for 3 days! (was killer) It would be awfully cool for us crazy fans too know and witnessed this secret gig were "Grammy winning performances"
Academy Macca is most deserving, ask us who were there!

weren't we a crazy bunch? and seeing Ringo too, Priceless!

Best Male Pop Vocal Performance (For a solo vocal performance. Singles or Tracks only.)
That Was Me
Paul McCartney
Track from: Amoeba's Secret gig
[Hear Music/MPL Communications Ltd.]

Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance (For a solo vocal performance. Singles or Tracks only.)
I Saw Her Standing There
Paul McCartney
Track from: Amoeba's Secret gig
[Hear Music/MPL Communications Ltd.]

More later gotta watch the show!

Other nominees
OK, my picks and take on these Grammy noms.....
Most definitely Robert Plant and Alison Krauss deserve a Grammy for
'Please read the letter' record of the year. but I'm feeling Coldplay will win it with Viva la Vida

Album of the year-dang too hard of a pick-Radiohead- Rainbows 1st pick..Ne-Yo year of the Gentleman or (Plant/ Krauss are gonna take it-(just a gut feelin, ok?) Than again I think Coldplay's got this.. this year should be a two way tie..

Song of the year-forget it too freakin hard-ha!-
I'm yours by what's his name? no freakin way-sorry.. it's too lame for me...every other nominee deserve the grammy can't there be a 3 way tie or somethin?-
Bet Coldplay will get it with Viva La Vida it's freshest, people have short term memory listening- lol kidding.
Even tho Love song-Sara Bareilles is pretty tight. Than again Miss Adele might pull it out for all of em with Chasing pavement-catchy hook. she is a brill artist I'll give her that Adele keep chasing for that Grammy.

Best new artist-my pick Adele than again I bet them Jonas boys will get it (Academy don't forget to listen to these people-not by popularity, OK?)

Best female pop artist-please NOT Bleeding love-Leona Lewis-LAME and dreadful song
Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals-Definitely No Air-Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown
I'm not a pop person but this song does it.

Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals most definitely... Coldplay again... Violet hill do you have a feeling Coldplay is gonna win it big this year? this song is freakin brilliant and I said

Best Female R&B Vocal Performance-Alicia Keys Superwoman all the way....

Best Male R&B Vocal Performance- Miss Independent bet he'll take it that Ne-Yo

Best R&B Song lemme see-Bust Your Windows-Jazmine Sullivan liken the 60's vibe Amy Winehouse won song of the year for the dreadful Rehab so who knows?
I'll havfta to give it to Keyshia Cole-Sent from go girl!!

Best Rap Performance By A Duo Or Group-you know I wanna go with Luda an TI- Wish You Would, BUT I'm feelin Royal Flush-Big Boi Feat. Raekwon And Andre 3000 yep.... I wanna see em win this.. that is some beats there..ahhhh~

Best Rap Song-Are you kidding? you know "Low" Flo Rida Feat. T-Pain is gonna take this~done with my thoughts & Lupe Fiasco-for Superstar take this it is soo know?

Media reporting on Grammy nom for Macca
Dec 4th
7:50 am
Can news agencies please.. get it right, Macca received 2 Grammy nominations. I have read online a Grammy nom. For "Saw her standing there" its 2 people, two Grammy nods-ha! I hope Ne-yo doesn't beat out Paul with his "closer" nom. a catchy tune indeed. Gotta give Ne-Yo some live love, however I gotta go with- Sir Paul, on these two live performances.

On lil Wayne~
congrats on all the 8 Grammy nods.... but WTF?
I'm listening to this album, to see what the hype is about- AND-what? this album is all about F$@&#in~ and bitches...and you get the picture...MASTY not even in the good sense, again WTF?
3-peat. hella nasty~
Mr. Carter~alright...least Jay-z ain't being a freakin pig..
A Milli -Hell no, nasty
Gotta Stunt -huh?
Got money-best on the album so far best hook & feat. T-Pain
Dinnertime-alright..I guess
Comfortable-sexin w/cops yeah .right...OK
Phone Home-are you freakin kiddin me.. your a brotha...(we are not men we are Devo)`lmao..after all that shit... I heard I kinda liken this.
Dr. Carter-heavy sigh
Tie my hands-another great cut..honest..
shoot me down-I'm feelin it..
Lollipop-gross sick shit...

I got thru half the album...
Ya know, I love hip-hop gansta chit & other rap stuff- but- what is the Academy thinkin? This album Carter III isn't Grammy worthy-damn already.. this isn't flow, lyrical , musical genius, major disappoitment with Lil Wayne......Ii'm done listenin, I don't get the Grammy's- I think they're fixed /people's need to check them ears~

Grammy's in Feb..
I'd love to hear yoor comments.
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