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Friday, December 05, 2008

Best Albums of ’08: The Fireman – Electric Arguments Examiner

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Best Albums of ’08: The Fireman – Electric Arguments Examiner
triple re-edit!

I was soo tired and lazy to post this. this evening after my Grammy post, so I thought I'd wait until Friday straight up noon were it will suddenly appear! hehehe It's about time someone a music dude ( won't call him a critic) has actually got something, right.

I did say this past week that critic's can 'kick Rocks' if they didn't dig this album. music writer Hunter G says-
The Fireman's Electric Arguments is one of the BEST albums of 2008. Hey. I ain't gonna argue. he is right. This is the Fireman's best albums in years.

According to Hunter Gorinson of The San Francisco Examiner his best since Venus & Mars. I take it Hunter doesn't like Macca's solo work! hehehe anyhow a snippet/review of
Electric Arguments:

" Looks like Paul McCartney has finally decided put the down the patchouli and show the kids how it's done. After years of lackluster solo releases that bored the hell out of anyone born after 1985 (get it?!) and selling records through Starbucks, McCartney went back to his roots and spewed forth a true blue rock record – Electric Arguments – while masquerading under the name, The Fireman."

(For the record-Starbucks-SUX!!) and Macca's solo work hasn't been lackluster? Why ya gotta lie-Craig? heheheheh

Fans new and old need to support this new album.. Electric Arguments and buy it! talk about it, tell your friends..this is a brilliant freakin album..on so many levels and not just that, it gets better with each play. I kid you not there is so much going on with EA I really cannot put it into words at this time..
Let's get this album going people so it gets a Grammy nomination this upcoming year-it's that good! Macca has righteous dues coming with this experimental album, get the word out and support Paul McCartney and Youth- Hopefully more music critic's will take notice too..
San Francisco Examiner read more here

The Fireman- Universal Here, Everlasting Now

The Fireman haven't released an Official Video for this, rawkin lil ditty, this is the only one that I can find online at the time.. A HUGE favorite from Electric Arguments I cannot wait for my Deluxe version I had bought via the Fireman webby-to include the 7 track cd re-mix and alternative versions, with other goodies to be included in the Deluxe package...This would be a great album to remix.
Like I said before. let's light a Fire and get the word out about this supereb album. I'm on a mission to promote The Fireman's latest album, but they, the Fireman, donot know it, this is how much I love Paul McCartney and support his latest efforts, will you join me?-smiles!
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