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Monday, January 26, 2009

Brian Ray and new album due soon

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Above Brian.kicken it, most likely at his pad in California..notice the newspaper? lol
Brian Ray and new album due soon..
Paul McCartney's golden boy, & local "shredder" Brian Ray, is workin on a brand new album.. I swear, I was just saying to myself, I haven't heard from Brian in a long time!! hum? must be my 6th sense kickin in..Message from Brian below.. Bri Love the black and white foto.

Brian on President Obama
Ok, well... who among us would have predicted a few years ago that we would elect a young man of color, with the middle name Hussein, to be president of the United States of America???

I am stunned and I feel open and optimistic in a way that I haven't in so many years. It almost felt like this tangled, dark winter of our young [by comparison] country might never end. I am humbled and moved as I catch up on the incoming administration on my TiVo contraption.

Some news of my upcoming album
I have been busy writing and recording some new music and it feels and sounds pretty good. I just did 2 days back at Eldorado here in LA, where I cut most of my tracks for my first CD, Mondo Magneto. Again, the idea was to play live with great players, laughing and working together to get exciting arrangements down, hot and fresh.

So far, I am playing with Davey Faragher and Pete Thomas, from Elvis Costello's band. Other tracks feature Aaron Sterling and Paul Bushnell and a great keyboard player from the Black Crows, Adam MacDougal. There will be other surprises as well and I'm starting to get excited about this.

I want you all to be involved!!

In the coming months I will announce some ideas and ask for your ideas on my release. I want you all to be involved in this project, just as we all need to be involved in this broken world's renewal.
I heard something life-affirming from a dear friend today... he said, "There is an opening that is permeating the collective consciousness today" [T.K.].. so let's all get with it and get on with it!!

Stay tuned...


hb: Hiya Brian, how exciting! a new album coming from you coolio. I can't wait. Mondo Magneto was fabulous, and your playing with some cool people too, right on. Will you be playing at the Grammy's with Paul? I have wondered what you have been up too? What's it all about Alphie? lol
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