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Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh yeah!! Paul McCartney and Radiohead to play The Grammy's!

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Oh yeah!! Paul McCartney and Radiohead to play The Grammy's!

you know... I must post my two cents!!! Hey Grammys, where is my ticket? Back in December I wrote a post about the Grammy nominations my rants & ravs and pics, how I felt, they were, 'kinda faulty'. Let's be real, most music award shows- are lame. The same people win these things over & over again-heavy yawn...

As a music lover & watcher of these music awards, you wish, these shows would pull off something fresh & hot like BET's music awards.. as posted earlier this month. C'mon people, the Grammy's are suppose to be the highest honor an artist can receive, The best of the best.-Make the show exciting & fresh to the viewers & artists in attendance, damn already.

The music skinny
I tell myself, every year, I am not going to watch any more 'music award shows' why? Cuz I believe they are fixed with publicity and pushing album sales. Base these high honors on musical ability and real artistic talent, not who has the most 'paper' to push all the hype or
'In pocket'.. Not Once, on the west coast have I heard Paul McCartney's latest Fireman album on the airwaves?.. Real talk.

Paul McCartney & Radiohead at the Grammy's
While at lunch today, I checked my email, and low & behold I read via Billboard mag, Paul McCartney AND Radiohead are to perform at this years Grammy's? Say whaa? Woohooo!!!
I had to reread this twice, just to make sure, I read that correctly. Whew, I hope Macca isn't snubbed this year and wins an award for his Grammy wining performance's at Amoeba Records-in Hollywood. We remember when,Paul, performed Vanilla Sky for best original song in 02 than walked away with ...NO Grammy...

I also think it Fantastic! Radiohead is going to perform at this years Grammy's too. Doesn't Radiohead, despise the Grammy's? lol I'm in awe they will be there.- I can't wait to see their performance as well as Macca. They better win too.. dangit!

Other artists at the Grammy's
I don't know if Adele will be a performer at this years Grammy's? she outta be. I think she deserves a Grammy with that lil ditty 'Chasing Pavements' it's so damn catchy, I love her vocals & soulful passion. This girl can sing! Just like Amy Winehouse last year with all her Grammy nods, which was well deserved-.this girl can belt em out also. Now, take Talyor Swift, this girl cannot sing live, as I heard her blow it in two recent live performances. I hope she is not a contender for a Grammy, Are you kidding me?

Yeah Lil Wayne, will win a bunch of Grammy's..why? and Kanye West, (that's a given) than talk about how he is' the Greatest' like Ali..please Why not Ludacris he has mad rappinig skills with talent., TI, Tpain, Lil John? Oh, am I gettin carried away? you get the point. I won't rant to much longer. I'm not a broken record who's lost it's groove. ha~

Coldplay, & Radiohead will win Grammys-wanting Paul McCartney to get his just re-awards too.
I donot wanna go thru the entire list again who I think who will win & who should win..see link above if interested..

Music awards, are thrown away to the untalented, my opinion of course..get to the REAL artists...honor them...

Tighten up Grammy's, forget album sales .give us something solid, Musical Genius and Talent. Give the deserving what they deserve. A Grammy~

perhaps more later...
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