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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm trippin Barack Obama is our new President!

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I'm trippin Barack Obama is our new President!

Yeah, I can't believe it-It's all good. It is soo, surreal. I know I'm not the only one that feels this way? Dang, I hope MSNBC or CNN show This history making Inauguration -again, in it's entirety, for those of US millions of Americans- who missed it!~ Why? We had to work!!
I wonder if Paul McCartney watched?- seriously more on Obama tomorrow...

Rumour, Macca-Paul, to play Coachella

Not sure how accurate this is, but Paul McCartney is rumoured to rock it out at this years 10th annl. Music & Arts festival-Coachella, Hey why not Paul? After all he played Glastonbury~duh.
He could play some of em wicked Fireman cuts off Electric Arguments? that would be somethin? wouldn't it!..
What is Coachella?- a Music & Arts experience in Indio, S.Ca
Where? Indio, Ca
date: April 17th 18th & 19th
Who?--more later..

More on Obama
Well after thinkin about this a few days I still haven't gotten my thoughts together regarding our new President Barack Obama. I know this tho, I feel hope for this country. I'm thinkin Barack Obama will be one of those Presidents "For the People" Now when is the last time we had a President for the people, and not about, big Government? I believe the economy will fall harder... before it gets better. So, we need to give our new Prezzie a "Chance"

Last night even Jay Leno was playfully jokin around about Barack Obama..his Monologue was on hit. I loved the lil skit of Barack Obama in The White House bowling alley! that was too freakin funny! Cannot find it on YouTube at this time.. Even the comedians are light hearted about Bama, gives ya that warm fuzzy feelin..This is what the country needs something that brings us together..I'm feelin it.. He is just a man not the messiah or God..

Obama has Lil Wayne on his Blackberry
Oh and I heard this lil snippet last night on the telly from Obama himself. His good friend/ lil-brother Reggie, how he downloaded Lil Wayne-onto his Ipod-or Blackberry? would that be the clean or explicit versions- Mr. President? lmao!

Barack Obama feels like what the Beatles were to the 60's with all the mania surrounding him...I like that! you know it's true!

Jay Leno Tonight Show monologue
On another note..Tonight Show please post Jay Leno's skit from Jan 23 rd 09..of Barack Obama, that was really funny.. I laughed so hard...hell, post the entire monologue it was brilliant one of Jay Leno's best..

well I'm taillights for now
Ps. Obama forget bailing out the banks! They just rip us off! Help the people of this country with afforable housing.. the price of houses on the west coast is ridiculous! JOBS & healthcare!.
i'm out..
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