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Monday, January 19, 2009

Wow! is it the Beatles or Julian Lennon? Hot New music

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Wow! is it the Beatles or Julian Lennon? Hot New Mmusic

Hey people, just got this cool message from someone name DelaSar via YouTube, to check out this video.. I could tell it was brilliant from the intro. Is it The Beatles or Julian Lennon? Well listen and see for yourself. I LOVE it!! very Beatle Esque. Very George Harrison too I love discovering new music..

It's getting late-DeLaSar

Great music, Great video, Great lyrics, purely brill! I have just played it 5 times.. This is a feel good record. Just like Macca's Electric Arguments!~
This is a hit! I'd like to hear this on American radio...hopefully the American music industry, will take notice...
what do you think Beatle fans?

New album: out March 2009 "Say" DeLaSar

Ok, where is my dear friend, Geoff Baker? I'd like to hear his opinion of this song..
I'll find him..and maybe he'll post his opinion, that I think so highly of!~ wooo~
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