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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Macca on Colbert Report-Comedy Central

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Macca on Colbert Report-Comedy Central
Jan 27th late

Just in case you are not doing anything special tomorrow, late night, you might want to tune into The Colbert Report via Comedy Central where Paul McCartney will be a guest of the show.
LOVE Comedy central~

Yep, Just read this lil snippet from the No Fact Zone where it was announced, Paul. to make a late night appearance.. Hum I think it will be odd? geez, I hope Stephen Colbert doesn't clown Macca to hard! ha Will he be political and ask Macca about Obama? we will have to tune in to find out! Paul hasn't appeared on Late night TV in years- since SNL.( Remember when you were a Beatle Paul?) lol ..& Late Night w/ Jay Leno 5 years ago...

Colbert Report Jan 28th 11:30pm est. Comedy Central- well that leaves the west coast out!
Jan 28th

Missed Paul on The Colbert Report?
Just watched The Colbert Report-Comedy Central, re-broadcast, It was Good, it was Funny, well done Stephen..You can only watch it here The Colbert Report on Colbert Nation, Not available on youtube... lol
"Thanx Sir Paul for making me the 5th Beatle...hehehe loved the banter!
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