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Monday, January 12, 2009

Paul McCartney on ABC's The View this week! Video now posted

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Paul McCartney on ABC's The View this week!
mon Jan-13 evening- Jan-15 Paul below on the View Video

Rumour is circulating that Paul McCartney will be a guest on The View this week on ABC. If so this will be a huge surprise for people that have tickets in advance. I'd be in shock! I've just checked and Barbara Walters annouced this morning, Paul McCartney will indeed be on The View- not only that but performing as well!

Check your local listings for The View on ABC. I hope your segment is huge Paul. I'll be at work~dang! Hoping whoopie will ask him cool questions!

Rawk em out Paul!! Wonder if he will perform anything from his latest, Electric Arguments?

The View-ABC Jan 14th Paul McCartney!
Jan 14th
Paul's on the View right now!
Look at Whoopi wearing a Beatle's Sgt. Pepper shirt, right on Whoopi!!!

high lights
Paul talks about playing in Israel-and his recent album Electric Arguments.
Barbara Walters asks Paul if he would like to take out his instrument? laffin my ass off!
asks if he will ever play with Ringo ever again? Paul doesn't give a straight answer but said it would be fun.
The audiance attempted to sing Silly Love Songs-horribly I might ad..If his fans would have been in the audiance we would have done brilliantly!..hehehe
The entire audiance gets a copy of Electric Arguments

Paul also joked, that Ringo was ballsy, for no longer signing autographs~hahahaha

Macca on The View-part one

Macca on The View-part two

Enjoy the Show~ ps this is most of the show... above....
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