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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Notes in Music

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Notes in Music
Sun Jan 11th mid day

Freakin Lame ass music awards
note: this post has caused me hours of searching time. ha!

Two weeks ago, or there abouts, I happened to catch the World Music Awards 2008. In a nutshell, it was Lame..
The highlights Beyonce, Anastasia-(wow it's been years since I've seen her) Estelle-man that is a catchy lil tune now isn't? always great to see Ringo. Than the guy from Russia who looked like a wigged out Liberace..what the? entertaining if anything I was going to post the link but I'll pass..I laughed my ass off..Madcon's Beggin was pretty good-sorry tho- I have seen better versions..

To make matters worse, Kid Rock was given World's Best Pop Male Artist - World's Best Pop Rock Male Artist awards. UM, say what? Bullchips! I swear these awards are rigged. Kate Ryan from Belgium? cool song high energy techno- had the crappiest dancers you have ever seen in your life.. truly embarrassing not kidding. Take a clue all- music award shows, you could aspire to be as wicked cool &; hot as the BET awards 2008-

BET'S 2008 Awards one of the best ever~

I happened to catch this on the BET channel last sunday and what? this rawked!~ Dunno why I hadn't seen it before, but if you have the chance, watch it. It's a must watch show-alright than? OK, Now, this is what an award show should be like! Ne-Yo gave a great performance and hey, he can dance. he's got lottsa- style a showman.

I must say, there where two more performances that stood out in my mind a week later. T-Pain &; Crew Ludca, Flo Rida', Big Boi and more. This reminded me of Macca's opening Pre-show in 04 Hip-Hop gansta style, well see for yourself below. The video is kinda rough. Than out comes Al Green a tribute of sorts at first.

T-Pain, Flo Rida, Rick Ross, DJ Khaled & Ludacris Performance at theBET Awards 08

Excellent performance above. No, brilliant performance.

Al Green at BET Awards-Oh yeah!
Correction the Rev. Al Green. He had em all going in the audiance. My mouth dropped, as he began into Love & Happiness-um what? Love & Happiness, is in my siggy line in all my emails, hehehehe. I have never seen Al Green, live, anywhere..not even on tv. I stood up, with a big ol smile on my face, clapped at the TV when he finished. Love me some Al Green and Ludacris too...ah!

Love & Happiness-Al Green

And if by some miracle I was hoping, hoping Kanye West, wouldn't step on stage as the camera kept paning in his direction. He than made the freakin comment (on stage) when someone else was accepting an award (not him)-best video, I think it was? ' "I am the King right now'' the King of Rap"... I said out loud 'Oh brother' No Kanye, there is only one King, that is Elvis-get it straight, get it right-Kanye ' "If ya can't Get right? Get Left!". That dude makes me shudder! Why can't he just- get lost?!?

I can also hope the Grammy's aren't freakin white washed in bleach and Lame as the World Music awards were. The Execs of the show need to watch The BET AWARDS SHOW plain & simple.

Sunday Super Oldie Show
Oh and if you are the kind who likes oldies, you should check out Tony Sandoval on 98.1 Kiss FM for the Sunday Super Oldie show..blasts from the past and than some. click here
a must listen to radio program every sunday.
Tony, always, has a brilliant show~

well I'm tailights since I been working on this post all day long-shesssh
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