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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Notes in Music,-Electric Arguments, Air Play, the Dammys

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Notes in Music-Electric Arguments, Air Play, the Dammys
Feb 12th eve...
Hey people, How are you? just when you think the Grammys couldn't suck any worse, The people of the Grammys have stripped all videos posted on Youtube for copyright Infringement-What the hell? Why can't they not get a clue? There are people that missed the Dammys-damnit. What are the Grammys afraid of?

The entire, Grammy award show, is a complete farce-period so I say- next year. Let's all boycott and not watch, See the ratings plummet even further, next year! Apparently The Grammys did not bother to learn anything from McCartney. Radiohead, & Lil Wayne-as posted by The Chicago Tribune Let the Dammys crash & burn~ great article..

Why no Air play of Electric Arguments?
I tell you, since Paul McCartney released his latest album Electric Arguments in November, I have not heard one track played on the air, on local radio ie: KFOX & KFOG. What is up with that? They can plug Bruce Springsteen's album & upcoming tour, but cannot play Macca's critically acclaimed album, or even talk about it? do Disc Jocks even know the album exists? I wonder if Electric Arguments is getting any air play anywhere, besides the UK? c'mon radio stations give Macca a fair "Spin" will you~

Lovers is a Dream-Electric Arguments, The Fireman loved this video so much done by Maccaspan I'll post it again~enjoy

Electric Arguments Deluxe
I happen to be one of those who ordered Paul McCartneys Deluxe version of Electric Arguments, guess what? I still have not received it and it's Feb.12th, when am I gonna get my cool, box set? Has anyone else reading this received theirs yet, please let me know. How long is it gonna take.
Macca could have delivered it to me personally, by now,-since he was in town~ lol Could you imagine, Paul McCartney, knocking on your door, disguised voice, than apologizing for your late package? I'd laugh, I'd cry, I have no idea what I would do? lol

Amazon Amoeba Secret EP
Amazon is offering Paul McCartney's Live gig at The Ameoba, for a discount, if you're interested? The EP, is on CD, if you did not get a chance to purchase the limited edition vinyl album, you can buy the cd at a discount. You can click the link above on the left-The amazon widget here on my blog...

McCartney to host weekly "fireside chats"
SIRIUS XM Radio announced today that it will launch a limited-run channel devoted to the music of Paul McCartney, in celebration of his new critically-acclaimed album recorded under the guise of his alter ego, The Fireman. Paul McCartney's Fireman Radio will premiere on Valentine's Day, February 14 and will air through Friday, March 13 on The Bridge,

SIRIUS channel 33 and XM channel 27. The channel will feature a rare in-depth and revealing interview with Paul McCartney. During the interview, the legendary artist will share his inspiration behind his secret Fireman projects.

Paul McCartney's Fireman Radio is an exclusive commercial-free channel, completely devoted to McCartney's legendary and expansive post-Beatles music-making and will include music from his solo records, tracks from every Wings album, the three Fireman albums, 1993's Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest, 1998's Rushes and 2008's Electric Arguments as well as musical surprises from Paul's vault.

Additionally, every week, McCartney will host a special "fireside chat" where he will discuss music, politics, news and any other topic he feels compelled to discuss.

McCartney, on Fireman Radio, will take SIRIUS XM listeners on an in-depth exploration of each song from The Fireman's latest album, Electric Arguments. He will speak candidly and openly about every track and will shed new light on this acclaimed music project, which for years has been shrouded in secrecy.
On Paul McCartney's Fireman Radio, McCartney will pull back the curtain to reveal the creative process behind The Fireman. Never before has McCartney shared so many personal insights into this fascinating chapter in his musical legacy.

hb: question is? how do we get to listen if we are not subscribers?
more later
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