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Monday, March 09, 2009

Charity gig Paul McCartney,Ringo Starr David Lynch Foundation ticket Success, Molby thinks Macca & Ringo will play together!

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Charity gig Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr David Lynch Foundation ticket Success! Moby thinks Macca & Ringo will play together!
March 9th 10am

note:It's 1:19 pm
Moby's blog

I just read on Moby's blog, He thinks Paul & Ringo WILL be playing together! Kinda like a Beatles reunion he!

Oh man wouldn't you know it I am home from work with a terrible cold a splitting headache. After yesterdays major disappointment..I thought I would try TM for the Charity tix once again.. Since I was home (I was going to try before work)_ on the phone- what a fluke....Well I got thru on the phone & online.. Can you believe it?!?!! Yes, I did.. two tickets on the floor double letters. Much to my amazement and surprise! I was hoping the tix purchases would go thru. I now have 3 tix. I want to sell my other floor Ticket to a huge fan! but who? ..

On hold with TM
I got one confirmation and than via the phone.. I decided to call Ticketmaster-good thing I did because, the automated service didn't recognize my addy...One guy from TM was kinda rude and told me my address was not valid..he put me on hold for 25 mins. I got a real nice Supervisor from TM, named Elaine..thanx Elaine..We went thru my order with success! I told her about the TM, horror I had years earlier trying to buy tickets for Paul McCartney in Miami-Ticketmaster had cancelled my 2 ticket order.. Yep, I was pissed but went on to see Paul at 3 other venues..

I have never see Ringo Live!!- The only time I have seen Ringo alive-was in LA Amoeba secret gig on Sunset, Hollywood, Ringo one aisle over:) I wanted to shake his hand or give him a hug! lol

Beatle/ McCartney Fans
Yesterday I read. there was a guy, who is visiting New York from Holland this coming April he was so devastated he could not get thru on the phone-he says lack of English trying to buy a ticket yesterday on the pre-sale..
I sent him a message that I would try my hardest to get him a ticket if I was successful today.. He is in school and will he be surprised as hell that I do have a ticket for him~ It's such a great feeling to surprise fans.. as this has happened for me in the past- a surprise ticket to see Paul in Spain..!! I'll never forget that -one of the best gigs ever up front of Macca- in the first row..

more later people .. congrats to those die hard fans who got tickets this is going to be a wicked event! I feel very fortunate to get tickets today...finding a flight is another

Just heard from the fan in the Netherlands!...

his name is Luuk-wow is he excited.. me too!! he hasn't seen this blog yet..or the post, I sent him the link..hehehehehe~ he was so nervous at school today wondering if I was able to get tickets! :) Dang, Holland, that is a long way from the United States..

Luuk, has never seen Paul live! now he will see the other artists too... including Ringooo!
woohooo! this rawks so much!! Here is the message from Luuk, from the Nethrlands, he sent to me:

Woooohooooo!!! Harleyblues, there is no way to get my enthusiasm through PM, but I try to express it in smileys I've read your blog! Nice blog! And you were right, it was a really big surprise, and I did jump for joy :)
I still can't believe I'm finally going to see Paul live! I'm gonna see Paul New York....with Ringo!!! I know how hard it was for you to get tickets,appreciated!"

Well I'm am soo Happy I could help a fellow fan out-this almost made me cry-ahhh this made my day~ I have been home with amiserable cold but happened to make someones day something came out good from it, it lifts the spirits-what a fluke.
please leave comments..I'll answer them!
stay tuned for updates: see post yesterday on the pe-sale mess..:)

sorry for my typos n errors kids..I have a terrible headache~

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