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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Charity gig Pre-sale headlining Macca was a shame

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Charity gig Pre-sale headlining Macca was a Shame..
note: semi long post including 3 vids-see below..

Morning people, were you able to get tickets to this HOT Charity gig in April, from:
The David Lynch Foundation, this morning? many people didn't. Where were all the tickets?

apparently the East Coast got their emails ahead of time-than-the West Coast. All High Level tickets were gone when I phoned in at 8:15 am before, I even got my code. Tickets went on sale at 9am on the east coast. While a few McCartney/Beatle fans were able to secure at least A ticket at the lower end some fans in Europe, got zilch. All tickets are Sold out!

Isn't their a better way for a pre-sale? Tix, are now being offered on Ebay for a mint, Bullchips!
TM, claimed tickets were sold...weeks ago? I don't get that one.. at all..

Some fans, didn't receive their pre-sale pre-codes until after the all tickets had been sold.
I know this is a charity benefit, but c'mon. This is suppose to be a pre-sale..oh my. There seemed to be alot of confusion purchasing tickets & presale codes today.

What is Howard Sterns number lemme call him..lmao like he would take my call... Wonder if Donald Trump will be in attendance? Like the old saying" It's not what you know its who you know" count on that!

more later, I need coffee....

Called Ticketmaster at least I got some friendly folks..
Sun March 7th 1:30pm

Hey people, I have just called TM for the 4th & 5th time today..I received more info regarding tickets. Tomorrow there WILL be a sale of remaining tickets via TM. There is hope t0 attend this gig, don't give up! Geez, I hope FANS get tickets and not those freakin scalpers trying to make a profit! "Instant Karma is gonna get you!"

International fans can also access the Ticketmaster site or by phone at 11am est. time.. I just like to give a shout out to Nelda & Rueben at Ticketmaster who were, very friendly & helpful on my recent calls.. Thanx guys! I have spent hours on the phone, since 8:15am trying to get a ticket-lol

This pre-sale did not offer great seats for fans calling in today- hopefully there will be a better chance tomorrow for people really wanting to attend this historical charity benefitt.

Can you believe it, Paul & Ringo at the same gig? I wonder if they WILL perform together?

How bout some Donavan?.. This is one of my favorites -something different today..

Donavan-Hurdy Gurdy enjoy the vid-

Now some Instant Karma-John Lennon...
seeing John & Yoko lived in New York.. and this is a New York, Charity Gig.. raising money for kids I thought I'd post me some John Lennon. When I think of New York- I think of John & Yoko.:)

You go John!! We all shine on....!!!!

David Lynch Foundation had the best of Intentions
Sun March 7th 4pm

you know, as I was about to post this all my windows closed. Geez.. We have to believe the David Lynch Foundation, in good faith, had the best of intentions on the Pre-sale passcode deal. Most likely they had no way of knowing all the tickets would sell out or that people had not received their pre-sale passwords until, it was to late, for some of us. I say let's blame the net! Yeah! who knows what happened? how many emails were sent out, or how many servers went down or jammed? Too Many-people calling in.

Let's just blame it all on Ticketmaster! :)

Debbie, one of the event coordinators for the David Lynch Foundation has been very cool, friendly & lovely- answering questions, answering emails. Most likely, they have been hit by 100's if not 1000's of emails asking about this gig?. shouldn't we give them a break & not blame them?
'-it's the Internet people, take a deep breathe and try again tomorrow. I know, I too, was a bit frantic this morning attempting to call in with no code, with some disappointment-however, tomorrow is another day, this is all going for a great cause~

Still, I'd like to be the person(s) buying that $100,000 package! woohooo!!!:):)

I'm out I've been on this all day- calling New York-emails, postings, pms-the struggles of being a Beatles/McCartney/Lennon/Harrison/Starr * FAN!

OK, one more video I couldn't resist! Too many People, wanting Charity gig tix, Too many People, calling in jammed in phones lines, Too may people disappointed, Too Many people, Too Many People wanting pre-sale codes!~Too May People, confused :)

Paul McCartney & "My Band" Too May People- Came in thru the Bathrorom Window..

Now, I am taillights~
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