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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

David Lynch Foundation Live Backstage Webcast & Giveaway!

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David Lynch Foundation Live Backstage Webcast & Giveaway!

Hey people, how are you all!?! Just got home it's 8pm. I have been playing with my new Blckberry, all day, at work :) I received an interesting email from the David Lynch Foundation. today. The foundation is launching DLF.TV - coolio. also an opportunity to meet David Lynch himself - well see below: Change Begins Within benefit concert



2 Tickets to Change Begins Within
Meet and Greet and Photo Op with David Lynch
Signed Concert Poster
Signed Catching the Big Fish by David Lynch

Signed Catching the Big Fish by David Lynch

Letter from the David Lynch Foundation~

~Welcome to the beta launch of DLF.TV. For months we’ve been tuning our site’s strings and sandpapering its corners. And because you tracked us down, we want you to be in the first expedition exploring the open beta version of DLF.TV.

Inside you’ll find artist profiles, our Foundation at work and David Lynch at play. Of course there’s more, but we don’t want to give too much away. It’s best detecting the textures of DLF.TV’s breezeways, crawlspaces and turrets on your own. So…as David says, “dive in.”

The official launch of our site is April 4th during our LIVE backstage
web cast of Paul McCartney and Friends at Radio City Music Hall. In addition to Sir Paul, this concert features Ringo Starr, Eddie Vedder, Donovan, Sheryl Crow
and surprises.

hb: Man, I would have tripped if they said, "also meet Paul McCartney!!" :)

Our friends at BitGravity will be powering the live streaming video and since they are the best in the business, it will feel like you are right there with us.
The reason David selected these artists to perform at this concert is not just because they are living legends. They are interested in what DLF.TV stands for: consciousness, creativity and bliss. This is why DLF.TV is choosing this event to launch the site.

The concert is not just a concert. It is not just a fundraiser. It is the overture to what DLF.TV is about.
You can be part of it. We’re giving away two premium tickets and a chance to meet David Lynch the night of the show. Enter now at DLF.TV and hope for the best. While on the site, leave comments under videos. Your bold feedback will sculpt DLF.TV.
And if you think the site is exciting now, wait until it becomes fully conscious on April 4th.

Thank you and have fun,

The DLF.TV Crew

See our trailer video at:

Follow DLF.TV on Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace

hb: Man this Gig, just keeps on getting- cooler & cooler as the date approcahes! Now everyone can watch that cannot attend-not sure if it's the gig in it's self, or all the backstage action going on as it happens? Wow, right on! This should Rawk!!

stay tuned for updates!
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