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Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm getting nervous it's almost time to see Paul McCartney & Ringo!

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I'm getting nervous it's almost time to see Paul McCartney & Ringo!

Morning people! I hope you are fine and in, great spirits. It's been two years since I have seen Paul McCartney live. In just two short weeks, I will be, one of those lucky fans who did get a ticket to The Charity gig in New York. I am, tremendously excited! I'm excited to see Paul and Ringo perform together! A first for me, ever. I hope & pray I get that one day off in April so I may see Macca in Vegas too.

Seeing Paul McCartney live is a surreal spiritual experience
The first time I had ever seen Macca live, was in 2002. Reason being, Macca hadn't toured in years since he was with Wings, in the 90's, Berkley being one of his last gigs-in the bay area. There was no Internet-only local radio or your favorite record store that announced such gigs. I was so disappointed, I had no money, no car, but prayed one day, that I would actually see Paul McCartney perform live. Here we are 2009 and I have went to every gig- that I could possibly attend and AFFORD~ lol

Seein Macca live, for me, is such a surreal spiritual experience. The Beatles music touches my heart and my soul-that is actually difficult to form into words. Their music is healing. The Beatles sing about everyday people. I love that! I suppose one of those reasons is, you cannot believe you are actually seeing a former living Beatle, sing such songs, as you heard as a young kid. You say OMG- I LOVE that freakin song!!

I can't believe Macca is singing this one?!!. Such as, 'She's leaving home', 'Helter Skelter', 'She came in thru-the bathroom window'. Or, 'Too Many people', via The Wings era. Paul performing live brings you to tears. You feel the music.

The Beatles, have helped me thru the most unbearable times, such as being homeless, yep! Harleyblues, went thru that bullshit, a few times in fact, and other dark things I care not to comment about at this time. Thos four lads from Liverpool, Paul, John, George, Ringo and the man above, have always been there and have seen me thru- in the Sunny & Dark periods in life. I truly Love, The Beatles & I Love, Paul McCartney.. truly..: :)

"To Paul and Ringo, Thank you for the "Miles of Smiles" love you!"

A vid ded: to Macca, Ringo, & Geoff Baker

We can work it out-another fav from the Fab four- dedicated to Friends!

I am also hoping, I get to see Geoff in New York and give him a hug. It's been 5 years since I have seen him. :):) See kids, never give up on your dreams you never know what might happen?

perhaps... more later? Have a beautiful day~

Ps. YES, I have been messing around with my template all day!~ This one looks best after all- until I can find someone to re design my blog.

Also note: I did tear down the post about Amazon & AT&T it pissed me off to much. I did end up with the Blackberry bold after 2 days & 5 plus hours attempting to buy it-ahhhh

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