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Saturday, March 28, 2009

This is a test post using Blackberry

This is a test post using Blackberry
I just signed up to blogger for mobile devices. I want to see how it actually works? Loll what will they think of next? :) this is brilliant. It took me a min. to figure how to actually set it up. Why doesn't blogger have an app. Feature, like twitter and facebook? Hopefully this post will go to my blog.

Than again what about tags?

Below on my computer

I did it! wow, I am amazed. I actually posted the above post via my new Blackberry! woohooo! It's almost two years now, since I have actually began, blogging. I have come so far, being that I am not technical. This really rawks! to me anyways. I love my new Blackberry. I have the bold. I couldn't get the Iphone down so I chose this. The wows of technology- are truly amazing.

I love blogging, especially about my beloved subject that you see here. Now, when I go to New York, I can blog from my fone. (don't have a laptop) I wonder what John Lennon, would think of these mini computers? more later.


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