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Saturday, March 28, 2009

You meet the most interesting people with Beatle connections

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You meet the most interesting people with Beatle connections

Like I always say, there is usually not a day, that I donot mention The Beatles, in some form or another. Whether it be at work (damn, I talk about them alot) online, on the phone. or a story or two. The Fab four, are, a source of constant discussion. :)

I met two such persons this past week. One David Andrew from Teignmouth in Devon. David a tall. quiet man with steely blue eyes and brilliant smile. I had mentioned to David and his friend Danny, I was on my way to Ney York, this coming week to attend The David Lynch Charity gig, where Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr will be performing. David mentioned he met the Beatles-well sort of. :)

David & his mates crash Beatles Hotel
It was a fated day in 1967, the Beatles, were in Teignmouth to film the Magical Mystery tour. When David & his mates snuck into the hotel, than gained access to the floor where the Beatles were... staying-ha!
The Beatles, than ran into the kids and said hello, waving to them.

I cannot remember at this moment, what else david had said? I was far too excited to hear about the story. David's grandparents, lived just two doors down from the hotel, seen right.

This photo is of the next morning when the Beatles were leaving....David, was in school and it was sometime around this time David's grandfather walked along from their house
(in photo) were the lads said "Good Morning Sir" as they were getting into their car.

What a brilliant story! I received an email from David today, giving me a link to this foto. He is in Vancouver, Canada. A few years later, David, told me he worked at Harrods in London.

David meets Ringo in Harrods
While working at Harrods, who walks in? Ringo Starr. David said Ringo was rather friendly and an all around nice person. That day David, sold Ringo, A fruit bowl. (no, not a bowl of fruit lol) he said it was a rather nice fruit bowl. Was it crystal David? :)
I also asked him, if he had mentioned to Ringo, that day in 1967 in Teignmouth? he said no, well, I had to ask :) What a friendly, English gentleman David was. I was happy to hear his Beatle's stories and glad to have met him. David, currently lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Pat Johnson foto's Yoko Ono
The very next day from meeting David, I formally met Pat Johnson. Pat Johnson, a cool hip, rocker dude with long curly locks of grey with a Rockin - Roll vibe. I thought he was a musician?
I also mentioned to Pat & his lovely wife, the Gig, in New York-with Macca, Ringo & Donovan.

Pat's wife, also said she was a Beatles fan too! woohooo, right on! Than Pat, said last year he had photographed Yoko Ono!` No freakin way, I thought?
I mentioned, I finally got Paul's autograph after all these years following him around the world. at the Shark tank of all places. Pat had his lap top, so, I showed him the site here. Poster right, just in case some cannot see it on my side bar...He couldn't believe out of all the millions of people in the world, that I got Paul's' siggy! I couldn't believe he photoed Yoko Ono and a gang load, of amazing artists! Damn! what the?

Pat, than showed me the foto's he took of Yoko, one of them right and another way cool, black and white of her. He asked me what groups I like? I said Zeppelin. Got a foto of them. I noticed Zappa too.
Today, I tried to find Pat's webby, here it is. So I went sleuthing to see some of Pat's Piccies-here were some I veiwed over his massive collection:
Frank Zappa, Mick Fleetwood, Elvis Costello, Elton John, Stones, David Bowie, Rick James, Ray Manzerick...On & On and on ...
You can guess what Mr. Pat does for a living :)
Geeez, some fantastic fotos, Pat has! See Pat's webby @ Pat Johnson Studios I am still at his webby, looking at all the foto's.
I should send him, this post. foto courtesy Pat Johnson Studios
Pat, never had the oppurtunity to fotograph the Beatles themselves. ahhh.~I believe, he also said he met George Harrison, too? I wonder who Pat will photograph- next? Pat, is one cool cat. You never know who you will meet in your daily journey? Well, I am taillights, for now.
Pat Johnson Studios
140 South Park
San Fransico, CA 94107

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