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Sunday, March 15, 2009

What is this rumour Geoff Baker is working for Macca again?

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What is this rumour Geoff Baker is working for Macca again?

Yesterday, I read on the Time online, Geoff Baker, is rumoured to be working with Paul McCartney again? Well, I didn't bother to post about it. why? it seemed more of a statement from the Times- talking about, Geoff, being sacked years ago. Oh, that's brill- freakin rub it in. I don't know if it was one of those "This day in history" type stories-follow me?

Paul & Geoff had reconciled, a few years ago, we all know this. Remember The McCartney rose bush- as a birthday prezzie? I dislike rumours- unless they are indeed true. Why put. Geoff, thru this kinda public rumour? Now Macca Blog has also posted this lil tid bit on their blog.

I emailed Geoff, yesterday asking him about the Times story? I haven't heard from him. Perhaps he is on holiday? or my email went to his spam box. lol He is a writer. He should have a laptop with him-ciggy in mouth. lol :)

I was sure, Geoff, would write back stating "HarleyB that is crap it's all rumour" or something~

The Times snippet that caught me.. was this:

Lmao off! 'Paul, owes me nothing except maybe a kick in the balls'~

Six years on, they have been reconciled, we gather. Baker is
about to help Sir Paul McCartney to chronicle his current lucrative US tour.
“Paul owes me nothing, except maybe a kick in the balls,” a forgiving Geoff
tells us

Macca isn't touring that's is news to me
Paul isn't on tour. He is doing a few gigs here & there. Up coming gigs, The David Lynch Charity gig & The Hard rock cafe gig in Vegas-both in April. oops! forgot Coachella! :)

Hopefully Geoff, will clear up this confusion before it is spread & rumoured all over the world.

Geoff, where are you? This is like trying to find Waldo!!-I haven't heard from Geoff in a few weeks.

Good natured Geoff Baker-:)
Geoff has always treated the Beatles/ and McCartney fans with dignity and respect. How can you not Love Him!
I will always support Geoff, in all he does. Geoff Baker, IS a decent person, a brilliant writer. ( But don't tell the sorority- they will disagree) I love his wicked sense of British humour. He tells it like it is- straight from the heart. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons, I like & respect, him so.

Video for Geoff-Since he is also a Keith Richards Fan!

John lennon, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Mitch Mitchell

This is for you Geoff, where ever you may be? It's 10pm on sunday. ( Damn, I sound like Barry Manillow )I still haven't heard from Mr. Baker-dang already~ :) Damn, whats really going on? Geoff's blog no longer exists? I just was there a min. ago~

I heard from Geoff~
March 20th 6:40 am

well I did hear from Geoff, and he isn't talking lol
I'd like to say if this rumour is indeed true? OMG! I'm effin estatic for you Geoff!

The Beates!

Get Back, Get Back to where you once belonged, Geoff! wooohooo!!!


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