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Friday, March 13, 2009

Wow, I gotta beg for the time off to see Paul in Vegas!


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Wow, I gotta beg for the time off to see Paul in Vegas!

Just the thought of this post makes me shiver. I even hate to think or write about it.

Like most big businesses you have to to fill out a vacation request form a year ahead of time. How in the world do we actually know what we are going to be doing a year from now? In my case I sprinkle time thru-out the year. (I have nothing planned after April lol) We received our vacation request bids in January the 1st, of the New Year-thru April the following year.

I put in my request February 19th. I thought it was plenty of time, to request time off~Right?

In our case where I work, only 5 people at a time are allowed off for the entire Department. This equals to 100's of people. Since, I did not request April 20 Th off last year, 5 other people did-wouldn't you know it? just freakin GREAT! Now, I am, the second person on the waiting list Dangit. So when the schedule for April comes around I must scramble around asking any of those 5 people if we can make a vacation day switch!

I am willing to give them any day off (that I do have coming this year.) I have 5 weeks vacation coming for 2009. I have seniority. What I do not have, is April 20Th off-The day I want to fly back from Vegas to the Bay Area. Isn't that freakin brilliant! HA! I can't miss Paul McCartney again- like I have in the past!

I have my ticket in hand. Do not stand in the way of die-hard fans wanting to see Macca live in concert. This is one of the ultimate joys in life-at least for me, it is. I'm going to plead my case, offer one of my days off and perhaps lunch to one of these people. I haven't made flight or hotel arrangements yet, I still have a bit of time. I am praying very hard-which I do on a daily basis.
I have been brain storming really hard! :) Wouldn't you know it?- I hate when this happens!!~

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever gotten really creative wanting time off ? lol
All suggestions welcome! (No, I can't call in sick, HA!) I am not the type to beg but for Paul McCartney, I will!

When Paul McCartney met Jesus-lmao!

Love that lil story above..with German sub-titles. :) Oh correction! I just received a message from Wunjo-that the sub-titles are indeed in Dutch! lmfao!! I should have known better between Dutch & German!~ Ik ben uw SILLY GOOSE :):) hallo aan alle fans! :)

My mind is definately wondering- how I am gonna make it to the Vegas gig? Missing Coachella..definately- no time off..Too bad, Amy Winehouse, had to cancel denied a work Visa-oh Bullchips!

Which was the most difficult ticket to get?
I am making it to the Charity Gig in New York. I can't wait to see Paul McCartney & Ringo! As well as a few other artists. Donovan, Eddie Vedder, Moby & Ben Harper. This gig will surely rock! I won't be in the first few rows. I donot have a $100,000 bucks! ha!

Now Macca in Vegas? I must be there. After all this gig sold out in a record 7 seconds! My brain is on super duper warp speed :) hum.. I did ask, If I could come in late that day as long as I make it to work, right? I'll be running on adrenaline! wondering, thinking, pondering?.......hehehehe.


I've been waiting on a friend all day!~
a piccie ded: below. She had to see my latest post~ lol

Special piccie dedicated to my, Dear Friend, located from, the Lland of Cheese, Chocolates, Watches, & Knives~ lmao!

wir lieben Paul McCartney, hallo Liz :p was Sie so lang dauerte? lol :)


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