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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hello from Vegas!!

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Hello from Vegas!!

Hey people, I am here in Las Vegas. As my plane was touching down -I was counting the minutes until Paul and the band were to do their set at Coachella, as the plane came upon a complete stop - Macca and the band were just hitting the stage.
I wonder what people thought of Paul McCartney, at Coachella, especially the youngsters? foto right inside the Bellagio what a site!

I just woke up to a beautiful view over looking the strip and the mountains from the Bellagio, stunning!!!
To the right- looking out the bay window is the Eiffel Tower & to the left- 400 ft. heads of Donny & Marie, plastered on the side of the Flamingo hotel. :) The Bellagio is beautiful. The view is to die for.

Last night, I was able to watch Paul McCartney via the net do "Here Today" the magic of the net. Paul's voice sounded a bit horse. Hopefully, Paul's voice will be in top form this coming Sunday,
more later.... I have managed to get 4 hours sleep, so far..
Paul may I make a request?
I know it's last minute notice, but how bout Day Time Night Time Suffering? or anything off Ram.
Yeah right, like Paul is reading this and taking requests? lol :)
ohhh I am sure hoping that Paul, pulls out songs that he has never played before. I'd love to hear, Ram, ,, in the end anything you play will be freakin awesome! foto right is of Macca at Coachella -Here Today-
I went to Beatles Love at the Mirage
What a fantastic show. We happened to get 4th row- so we could see everything! Loved the mega mixes. It was beyond words. Loved the lil shoes, boots, riding the lil bikes..The music, ahhh just beautiful.. video brilliant!! sound quality superb.The performers outstanding! It was like the Beatles were actually there, themselves.
The costumes and Beatle's VW's made me
laugh.. including the one that came apart, towards the end...TRIP!
Drive my car, was a megamix-the one posted on my last blog post below. I cannot say which I actually loved the most? It was all good! I would definitely want to see it again! piccie right are of the performers .
Some of the music and visual effects that really stood out were. Because, Something, Drive My Car, Octopus's garden, Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!, I Want You, She's So Heavy, Helter Skelter, Come Together, Dear Prudence, Cry Baby Cry, Strawberry fields forever, just to name a few.
Bravo! to the cast, crew and all involved in the Beatle's Love production!!!

Never seen Beatles Love? It is a must see-5 star performance!!

Couple of Beatle fans at Beatles Love!
Took this lil foto after the Beatles Love performance in the Love Shop. The mother of one of the couple, had gotten married that same day-sweet! A freakin Beatles wedding! I saw them again, the next day, inline, at the Joint. Come to find out- I know the mother:) I wish the bride and groom a happy marriage! Great outfitts! Diggin it!
it's a Love Harley!

Oh Man! It's a Beatle's Love, Harley! How freakin cool is that? The other piccie did not come out-damn! It was hard to get a full shot via my blackberry. I loved this chopper so much!~Very cool they actually had this Harley, made. Right On!

After the gig, it was back to the hotel for a nightcap or two..I was so sleep deprived. All worth it tho! I am soo happy- I actually went too see the show. Something I have been wanting to do for almost 3 years now. Freakin brilliant, magical night!

next the gig at the JoinT...

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