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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Paul McCartney Rawks "The Joint" with a Rowdy Crowd!


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Paul McCartney Rawks "The Joint" with a Rowdy Crowd!
note: this post might contain adult content do not read if you are easily offended
ok so I keep tweaking this post :)

OK, so today was the day to see Macca at The Joint, at The Hard Rock. My friend and I scrambled from the Bellagio to get to The Hard Rock, for a possible early check in. The room wasn't ready yet, so we milled around the HR..I went to the Joint, box office, to pick up a VIP line pass..Ticket pick up would be around 5pm the woman said.. she was very friendly-I appreciated that~I wasn't sure why we couldn't actually pick up the tickets at that point? I suppose the Joint had their reasons.

About and hour later I went up to my room. Which wasn't exactly what I had expected? The room was tore up, ok. Outside the beautiful double window was a building-part of the HR? blocking all forms of Vegas, with the lovely sound of a generator making an awful sound, HA!

Yeah, this looked like the effin "Joint" alright, the one where inmates, play effin handball, I thought? lol Oh no, this is bullchips~

I called down and asked them, if they could possible move me, to another room as I had to meet people downstairs around 4pm. This took two calls, but I was moved to 1160 with a pool view. This was definitely a better room, clean, fresh, nice~
I opened the sliding door to look down onto the Rehab..with it's pool, bars, sandy beach, palm trees, and DJ- There was a party goin on down there!! 500 plus strong. I was diggin the vibe! an hour later, I heard, that Snoop Dogg was actually down there performing and partying-like only- Snoop does :) I missed fucking, Snoop Dogg, at the Hard Rock?! What the?
Waiting in line for hours

Than it was off downstairs, where things looked like total chaos. I went in to pick up the tix, met with a friend to give them their tix. At that point wrist bands that were given out for GA were gone. Security, than said to wait in the VIP line.
Waiting.. Security was changing up the line. Asking for numbers. Some people didn't even have a line pass and we wondered how they got in front of us? At $1500 bucks for a one night stay and 2 tix we should have been the first ones in line. That bit was a tad annoying.
Finally, Mr Baker is that you?
So who do I see from the corner of my eye?

Dear Ol Geoff Baker. I had sent Geoff a message the day before asking if he had to the time to make a visit, while I was standing in line. He went outside. I soon followed..
Mr. Geoff Baker? you better say hello to Somebody!!~lmao He turned around "Harley!" "Harley!"after a few hugs, some great laughs, a lil chat, a ciggy & a few pics. All was needed, was- a drink in hand.
piccie right Geoff Baker & Harleyblues
Geoff said "you should have been at Coachella". I'm sorry, I missed it. Told him, I had to work in the AM ( I had to fly back to ca) I am working now, said Geoff. he than had to get back to work. Geoff, escorted me back to "The line" I was very happy too see Geoff, as much as I was about to see, Paul! Geoff said:
"It's Good to be Back" what a moment- when Geoff said this. It made me, well-up....
Let's get it started
So at 6:30 pm the pack was let in... running toward the stage...
Security, had let a gang load of people in before the doors actually opened. I had to hurry along, as the front was filling, fast.
We were smashed like, fucking sardines, against one another..ha! there was no fucking air conditioning on? or, was I tooo tired to notice?
A couple fights almost jumped off- as one egg-head began pushing people around from the front or second rows? security finally had enuff and had to come and babysit- (the guy causing mayhem). The security, I came into contact with, was mostly friendly at the Joint.

2 more hrs until the gig as people around us talked and shifted on the floor. The energy was high!

In the back ground you could finally, hear the faint sounds of McCartney music-The Fireman & Twin Freaks. You could hear Abe, beat on his drum kit.
The curtain lifts, and out comes Paul & The Band!!~ Opening with, Drive my car... Paul & The Band looked great!

Note out of the 125 piccies I took 55 did not come out, at all. Hopefully. I will get some pics from Toni & E.
.Some of The high lights were
'Highway", off Electric Arguments. A Brilliant new version of "Something" Wow! "I Got a Feeling", "Paperback Writer"-" Helter Skelter"."Got to Get You Into My Life" "Only Mama Knows" a moving and emotional "Here Today" Included in these were some extended versions of the above-with strong, wailing guitars, showing off the riping, musical prowess of Rusty & Brian..and of course Paul!. I loved the remixes.

Paul & The band were definitely workin it out! LOVED IT! They even kicked in, a lil bit of. Foxy Lady..Coolio! Live & Let Die was explosive-as always.. Which surprised the crowd. as everyone jumped back!! if you were tired this most definitely woke you up..Mark said he felt his "eyebrows almost singed" hehehe It took awhile for the smoke to clear.

Paul was laughing & plugging his ears! silly Paul. Not only did "Macca Rawk The Joint, He Smoked It As Well!". Abe was pounding on em skins with a quickness, brilliant. Wix, had a constant smile on his face. It was great to see Macca & Co. back together~
Toni, gave a few of us, signs to hold up which read: "Paul You Are Our Life Long Passion" I could be wrong with the wording? opps. Elsa, gave out pins which read:" Paul sing till we are High Together" with a red heart in it's center. Very sweet E! Had I forgotten "Can't Buy Me Love?" It was freakin brill as well and Liz's fav. "Calico skies" with Wix on the accourdian.:)

"Paul & The band were Rawkin The Joint!"
Paul read some of the signs in ths audience. He read- one. "Let's Get the Party Started" Paul and the band seemed to recognized alot of familiar faces in the front rows- of Die-Hard Fans, with all the smiles, winks & pointing.
He looked up to the second deck often, as his girlfriend Nancy, was dancing along to the music- I noticed Nancy, wearing silver boots. :)
Those Boots, Nancy, was wearing "kicked" I love Boots!...
At one point during the gig, I almost fell down. It was hot. I wanted to take off my boots. however, I worried about my feet being stepped on. Even Paul & The Band were sweating their asses off. You could see the sweat. did someone give Paul a towel at anytime? lol
Some people acted like they had never been to a fucking concert before!?!. Stay your asses home than. Let loose, have fun! I tell you, Their were a bunch of dead beats in the crowd- if you ask me. If people wanna relax, during a gig? sit or stand in the back!
Damn, already! Let US Fans Rock it out with Paul and the Band! That's part of the total experience!!!
Paul appeared to be having fun and than at times, not..My opinion of course - as if he didn't know what to make of the crowd? Perhaps their brains were too baked, Paul?. from the sun, heat & alcohol consumption.

The Security at The Hard Rock Hotel & The Joint

For me, I'd have to say the security was one of the best I had ever experienced. They weren't, a bunch of assholes- like at most gigs. The ones at the front, near The Joint, entrance, surely didn't understand clearly what was to be done? who was standing where or what?
There was a heavy security presence. 97% of them were cool & friendly at the Hard Rock, and The Joint. I really appreciated the fact, most, were not uptight or rude.
Security could've let the VIP line passes in first, than the rest of the crowd. That would've rocked!
.'The set list was the same as Coachella. I have spoken to a lot of people about this gig, at The Joint. Some had major complaints-not about Paul McCartney, but of, The Hard Rock & The Joint. "Things weren't handled well" others "LOVED the gig" said It's one of his best ever! Each Paul McCartney, experience, is different than the time before so they' re all special in my books.
I have experienced many concerts. This one was different. Most fans attending these past gigs had fun from Metal, Hard Rock & Old school- people definitely, knew how to enjoy themselves at all past concerts- I have attended. People in the back had an excellent time from what I have been told. Some would've liked to hear "Venus & Mars/Rock Show"
Some Fans believed Paul, "Felt" the crowd better at Coachella to The Joint. I wonder why? :)

What's with the Deadbeats
There was a mix of people there that night. Paul's hard core fans & supporters. The casual fan, more subdued, finally, people who didn't know how to have a fucking good time? or acted like they had never been to a concert, ever?!.
Are you kidding? telling people how to act, dance, don't dance, be quiet? pushing, shoving or simply standing there - doing nothing at all? HA! Oh, maybe taking piccies of Paul, that was about it. What the hell?
Sorry, I don't sit at a Macca concert. How ya gonna act? Thru all, the deadbeats, heat, crowding, and minimal sleep. I still had a good time. After all, It's Paul McCartney, dammit! Work it out! Rawk it out! Enjoy yourself, It's an experience of a Lifetime!
It was great to see some old faces- Elsa, Toni, Sharon & the kids, Audrey, Dawn, finally meeting her after all these years. :) Charles Rosenay of Liverpool productions, the couple from 1000 Oaks, the woman who wore the wedding dress-who had just gotten married the day before, sweet! young girl, and whoever else I bumped into. Great too see you all!
Paul and his lovely Hoffner
Paul and Rusty mixing it up!
The finale!!!~~

These were some of the best picks that I picked up via my Blackberry. didn't know we could have camera's, dang... Hope to get more from friends!!~Cannot wait until the next gig!!

I'm taillights HB~
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