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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Macca's mad welcome from the Paparazzi at Madeo Restaurante

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Macca's mad welcome from the paparazzi at Madeo Restaurante


I post this cuz, I cannot believe the swarm of foto hounds trying to get a "snap of Paul' coming out of a West Hollywood Restaurant, Madeo.. Notice the guy with the Help album? think he is a fan or what? and what's with the " millions of milkshakes for Paul McCartney" bit? lol See, Paul said 'hello hello' to all you big lugs!~ lmao~

I have watched this a few times, I crack up- to the guys voice- in the back ground. We love you Paul! Sir Paul McCartney! hehehehe Millions of milkshales for Paul McCartney-WTF? lol
I suppose, the paparazzi, can be pretty endearing - when they wanna be? :)
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