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Friday, May 01, 2009

Some blogger Love & Two Lil Awards..

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Some blogger Love & Two Lil Awards~

A couple months ago. I got a lil message from Shopping Karma that she had given me a lil blogger award. What a cool surprise. The Lemonade Award> I am guessing, this is in part, to bloggers, that have made Lemonade from Lemons? I'm not quite sure? HA! I will have to ask her-again?...very sweet!

Just the other day Ms. Shopping Karma left me another message that, she, had nominated my blog for a Creative blogger Award. Ahhh how cool is that?! I will have to agree with her on that one. I am creative!!! lmao :) I just need to figure how to add them here to my blog. I forgot how to actually post em?
Ms. J. the person who has given me these latest- Blogger Awards. Is living with, Stage 111, Ovarian Cancer. She is such a fighter and full of
Love, Light, & Spirit. You should check out her blog-from the link above.. Love ya Sister! You keep on fighting. I am with you all the way!! You have touched my life~~
I thank, you, for these lil awards. These things kinda make me blush. It's nice to be recognized by your fellow bloggers..I really do not know of any other bloggers to pass these off too at this time.. But, when I come into someone who is totally creative, or has made lemonade, in life. I will be sure to pass these on..
I am humbled. Thank you, once again, Woman!
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