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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Still reeling off The charity gig in New York,Wow!

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Still reeling off The charity gig in New York,wow!

Hey people. Here it is one week later since attending the charity gig in New York. I am, still, thinking about it, with huge smiles on my face. Anyone reading this there also? It was just amazing!! I hope there will be a dvd for purchase in the future- since it was filmed. I am so happy to have seen, Paul & Ringo, perform together, such a joy, joy a joy joy! :)

work that week
It was rather difficult to work tues.- thurs. from lack of sleep. I barely managed, somehow I did. I must have talked about it, all day, at work, the last several days..I had asked my manager if I could get off work early on thurs. I was trippin on my own two feet. So, what happens when I get home, ready to crash out ?

The cops~
a huge, freakin neon orange sticker on the drivers side of my El Camino-peeled off and pasted
on the window. Dangit, are they freakin serious? a cop stated he was gonna tow my car it stated on the sticker. The tires were marked with white chalk all over them. whew, there goes any bit of sleep. Hum, did this cop even bother to check that my vehicle was registered?

I laughed to myself, for the fact that I have had 2 other major vehicle problems in the last month and a half. It took a good 15 mins to get that unslightly sticker off the window. so I took the car for a spin to the car wash, called the police depart. and left a detailed message, I believed, I was being harrassed. The car isn't abandoned? dangit the end of my message said.. I have two vehicles, My other car is a BMW .. it's funny how the murphy's of law happen at any given notice. :)

I wonder if Paul, or any of the Beatle's, had problems with coppers and their rides? lmao picture that!!

later, a few more piccies from New York-,check this vid below

Beatles Megamix above~

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